Have you ever found yourself spending a lot of time in front of the mirror trying to do a perfect winged eyeliner? Do you end up running late after you ruin your eye makeup? If you don’t know how to do a winged eyeliner, then we’ll share with you 6 tricks that will help you without using a lot of tools, like the ones beauty bloggers use these days such as tapes and spoons.

1. Using an angled eyeliner brush 

It’s a small and angled brush, the eyeliner brush will help you control the eyeliner while you draw it. The best eyeliner to buy for this brush is the gel eyeliner. All you have to do now is to dip the brush into the gel, and draw a fine line right above your eyelashes line. Take the eyeliner outside your eyes to the point you want. The shape of the brush will give you the winged eyeliner you want naturally, without trying too hard to draw it.


Image Credits: mehlizabeauty.com

2. Tape is a great trick to perfect winged eyeliner 

You’ve probably seen this trick tons of times, and the thing is IT WORKS! Cut a piece of tape and stick it in the angle that you wish for the wing to. Drag your eyeliner across the edge of the tape and once your done, remove the tape. Voila, you just created the perfect winged eyeliner. 

Tip: Always have some tape next to your makeup products at all times, it can help when applying eyeshadow or eyeliner. 


Image Credits: elle.com

3. The spoon eyeliner trick to perfect your wing

Just like you used the tape, using a spoon can also help. The straight edge of the handle or the curve of the spoon will help you achieve two different eyeliner looks.


Image Credits: Revelist.com

4. Use the ends of your eyebrows a guide to draw on your liner

Another trick you can do to perfect your winged eyeliner is to add a dot at the end of each of your eyebrows, and use them as a reference. All you’ll need to do next, is glide the brush to the point you marked.


Image Credits: Buzzfeed.com

5. You can use a bobby pin to perfect your winged eyeliner 

You know that curve at the end of the bobby pin, it will help you perfect your winged eyeliner. Just hold the bobby pin to the edge of your eye and using your eyeliner pen draw the wing. 


Image Credits: Youtube-The Eyeliner Stamp

6. Dental floss to apply eyeliner

You know how Adele’s eyeliner always looks on point. Well, dental floss is a way you can achieve that look and perfect your winged eyeliner. There are two ways you can do use dental floss. 

1. You’ll need the disposable dental floss and place it next your eyes, and gently apply eyeliner using the floss as a guide. 


Image Credits: Youtube-The Eyeliner Stamp

2. You color the floss with your eyeliner, then dab it onto the edge of your eye at the angle you want. 


Image Credits: Self.com

Maim Image Credits: Stocksy