How do I get perfect a makeup look like celebritites? This question has become really common on social media, especially in among facebook groups, where every girl shares her beauty tips and asks for advice on others. However, this question seems to still be a mystery to many. In fact, because of its frequent repetition, I was inspired to try my best to find the answer, and so my journey began with asking a few professional makeup artists and experts who have worked with a lot of celebrities to give us their top makeup artist tips on how to get glowy skin and perfect makeup like celebrities...

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3 Makeup artist's tips and tricks for the celebrity perfect glow:

Donia Sedky: The secret is to prep the skin really well before makeup

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If you follow the makeup expert, Donia Sedky, on Instagram, you would have noticed how all her makeup looks for celebrities are very radiant and glowing. When we asked her about the secret, she said, "The first and most important step in achieving glowing skin is how you prep it..."

1. Start by using a good moisturizer on the face, an under-eye cream and a lip balm.

2. Mix your foundation with a drop or two of a liquid highlighter to get a subtle glow on the face. 

3. Use a cream blusher as it emphasizes the glow on the skin and gives a healthier look. If your skin is too oily use a colored cheek tint instead. 

4. Apply a hint of a liquid highlighter instead of a powder highlighter on the top of your cheek bones, the tip of your nose, inner corner of your eyes, and on your cupid's bow.

5. Use a weightless pigment free powder (translucent powder) to set only the necessary areas such as (the underr-eye arreea, the center of the forehead, the chin, and around the nose), while staying away from the highlighted areas.

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Norhan Amr's magic glowy skin trick


Makeup expert Norhan Amr is always keen to share videos and tutorials with her followers on her Instagram to show them her best tips and tricks to help perfect their makeup. She also stresses on the importance of prepping your skin before makeup. Today, she shared some of her tips, along with her own secret magic trick...

1. I always work in a very thin layers and take my time to prep the skin very well.

2. My secret recipe that works with everyone and gets me the perfect results is to mix skin boosting serums such as the makeup forever skin booster HD with hyaluronic acid serum. This will make the skin very hydrated and plump all day long.

3. Also working with cream products will give your skin a very nice healthy glow from within.

4. So after I apply a very thin layer of sheer foundation I work with a cream blusher and define my face with a powder bronzer to give my skin a natural definition and set the creams underneath.

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Eman Arafa: Moisturizers play a big role in making up perfect


Looking at Eman Arafa's Instagram, you'll find that she usually goes for natural and simple makeup looks that highlight natural beauty and are all about having great looking skin. She highlights the importance of taking care of the skin before makeup, with proper cleansing, exfoliation and hydration.

1. Skin care is the first step to achieve a perfect glow. Cleanse your skin using a wash suitable for your skin type. I like to use a gentle exfoliant with my face brush for fresh skin.

2. Use your favorite serum or a light face oil in a small quantity, massaging it into your skin. You can do that with your hands or using a jade roller.

3. Then add a hydrating moisturizer. Some face moisturizers come with an illuminating effect which adds a healthy glow.

4. Follow with a brightening primer to prep your face for the makeup.

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5. Next choose a foundation that’s lightweight and you can give it extra glow by mixing in a few drops of liquid highlighter.

6. For this look you don’t need a lot of foundation, just enough to give you the desired coverage. Use a damp sponge to blend it well into your skin.

7. Now finish your look with a bit of a light loose powder to set your foundation only around the T-zone and add some extra glamour to the look using a glowy highlighter on your cheek bones and cupid’s bow to make your eyes and lips pop. Enjoy the lovely celebrity glow and remember to top it all with a dazzling smile.