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How to Pick and Apply the Right Foundation for the Day, Afternoon, Night

Foundation is the base and literal foundation of your makeup. Of course for some people it is not a necessity and it is only applied on special occasions. However, for a lot of women it's an essential step for the daily makeup routine. If you put foundation on, on a daily basis, it is important to know how to pick and apply the right foundation for different times and events. That way you'll feel more comfortable and you'll find your routine to be more practical on a daily basis.

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How to choose and apply the right foundation for daytime

A lot of girls want to put on foundation everyday, but they still want something that's light and looks natural, especially for the daytime. A lot of that has to do with the foundation product itself. Picking a light, natural looking foundation will do half the work for you. The rest is left to application and the tool you use.

The type of base that you would like for the mornings are light coverage foundations, BB creams, light foundation sticks or powder foundation. BB Cream are a lot of people's favorite for the daytime because they brighten up the face and illuminate dullness without having too much coverage. Also remember to put on SPF before your foundation or get one with SPF in it to protect your skin.

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The foundation tool: You can use your fingers when blending out or distributing foundation, to really help it sink into the skin and blend out naturally. You can also use a mini beauty blender to blend out the foundation or base in all the little nooks and corners to make things look really blended and as natural as possible. 

Simple morning makeup application steps

1. Make sure your cleanse and moisturize your skin before applying any makeup on.

2. Lightly fill in the gaps in your eyebrows.

3. You can then apply a light foundation or base of your choice, using your fingers or beauty blender.

4. Do not apply the foundation on your whole face, just put a few pumps on your hands and then use your fingers or brush to apply it to the areas that need coverage. Then blend out to the rest of the face. 

5. After you're done, you can apply concealer under your eyes to hide any puffiness or dark circles.

6. You can then give your face a light dusting of powder to set your foundation in place, especially if you have oily skin or an oily t-zone.

7. Apply blush and a lip color, of your choice, to give your face some color and brightness.

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How to choose and apply the right foundation for the afternoon

If you are looking for a suitable makeup look for the afternoon, wether you're having a nice lunch or early dinner with one of your friends or even going to an important event, you can go for a slightly more sophisticated look than the previous one. But still have it be something subtle and effortless since it's still daytime. 

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A good choice of foundation here would be a full or medium coverage foundation, depending on your preference. You can use a liquid, stick or powder foundation. Or you can even use a tinted moisturizer, and add more coverage with your concealer. 

The foundation tool: There is more than one tool that can help you in blending foundation, such as the beauty blender, but also a foundation brush would be really helpful and easy to use. 

Simple afternoon makeup application steps

1. Make sure you cleanse and use your favorite moisture before makeup. 

2. Apply a primer first, if your skin is oily and you want your makeup to stay on all day.

3. Apply the foundation to your skin using a brush, making sure you blend it all over the face and down to neck. 

4. Now apply concealer to hide any dark circles. 

5. Setting powder is an important step for setting your base and giving it a nice velvet finish, while also mattifying any excess shine. 

6. Apply an eye primer and then your eye makeup look of choice.

7. Now put on mascara and fill in or shape your brows.

8. Apply lipstick and blush in shades that suit your style and look.

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How to choose and apply the right foundation for the evening

Glamorous and eye-catching evening makeup is beautiful and fun for weddings, special evenings, a night out with friends or even a date night. If a lot of pictures are going to be taken, it's important to find a foundation that would look good in pictures and can cover any imperfections that you like to hide.

Foundations that would be good for a look like this would be a full coverage one. You might also want to apply 2 or 3 thin layers, instead of 1 thick one so it doesn't look cakey and unnatural. You will probably also do some color correcting and pinpoint concealing for acne dark spots or acne. Also make sure you don't use any product, whether it's foundation, powder, concealer or primer that has flashback with Photography. 

The foundation tool: Make sure you use a foundation brush that helps you blend out the foundation flawlessly without leaving any streaks behind. You can also use a beauty blender with the first layer to make sure the base is blended perfectly. Here are some awesome foundation brush recommendations.

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Steps to apply a wonderful evening makeup

1. Wash your face well, then do a sheet mask to help brighten your skin and give it a glow. 

2. After a while, apply your moisturizer.

3. Apply primer before foundation to make sure your makeup lasts all night. 

4. Apply the foundation in thin layers, blending each one out well before you apply the next.

5. Set your foundation with powder. 

6. Apply concealer to the under eye area, chin, and between the eyebrows to highlight.

7. Start putting on your eye makeup.

8. Fill in your brows.

9. Apply more powder in any areas that still need it. 

10. Now, mascara, lipstick and blush. 

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