Since we're all staying at home and adapting to a very new lifestyle and routine, our shopping habits are completely taking a new turn. We're also trying to wake up everyday and get dressed as we would, if we're going to work. Shopping online can be tricky with things like foundation, but technology always finds its way of surprising us and so Maybelline is using a new technology to help make our foundation shopping a lot easier. 

Maybelline is famous for their Fit Me range that works on creating base and face products that would as you say ‘fit you like a glove’. I’ve also always been really impressed by their lipsticks and mascaras. Their mascaras are some of my favorites and their lipstick shades are always really unique. I own two of their red lipsticks that are divine, beautiful and timeless shades.

The first try...

The first time I tried the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation was actually on an emergency beauty run. I had a wedding and my foundation at home was too light since it was my winter shade and I had tanned over the summer. I heard a lot of great things about this Maybelline foundation and I had also bought their Fit Me concealer 3 times before because it’s one of my all time favorites. So I trusted the range and decided to give this foundation a go and was so pleased that I did.

It’s relatively a matte foundation but I was surprised to find it was also very creamy and doesn’t make the skin look too matte. My skin still looked radiant and healthy. It gives a really nice medium coverage but doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin. It makes the skin look poreless and airbrushed without taking away from its liveliness or making it look too flat.

Finding my shade

The only problem was that the shade was too dark on me for most of the year so I definitely needed to get my winter shade. I was excited to find out that Maybelline had a foundation shade finder service on their website where you can actually check to see which shade would suit you through your camera. You open the website and click on the ‘Try it from your phone’ button. The technology allows you to flip through the shades and compare them on your face. You can even select an option where a line is drawn in the middle of your face, one without the foundation filter and one with it. That way it can be easier to find the perfect match. Finding you shade online is a great option these days because we shouldn't be going to any stores due to the current circumstances, so make sure you stay safe and try to keep your shopping online.


They have a big range of 20 shades that are diverse in color and undertones. I knew that a yellow undertone suits me the most and so I found the best match for me was shade 105. I have to go for a shade that perfectly matches my neck, so it looks natural and even.


How to find your shade?


I found it best if you know the undertones that suit you better and then use their filter tool to find the perfect match to your face and neck. What really helped me is that I selected 2 or 3 of the closest options and then took a screenshot and compared them next to each other. I got the best results when I stood in natural light, but not in direct sunlight. Also I made sure to not have any foundation on or even sunscreen so it can be as accurate as possible. When I got the shade 105 and tried it on I was really impressed with how it looked, it was really flattering and a good winter shade for me. You can check out how my daytime makeup look turned out here...