Eyeliner is one of the most effective products for eye makeup. For me, I can just apply eyeliner and leave the house without any other makeup on, it's that powerful and it really flatters my eyes, which is enough for me. 

I do, however, have some very specific requirements when it comes to my eyeliner. I like my eyeliner to the matte not glossy or shiny. I also like it to be light, not heavy, so I don't feel it on my eyelids. And of course it must be long lasting! All of this lead me to try so many different eyeliners, with which I usually got disappointed, until I found this KIKO gel eyeliner.

My relationship with KIKO has been good, after trying their lipsticks, which made me eventually want to try out their eyeliner next. My love for brand, no exaggeration, grew even more and profoundly. This KIKO Lasting Gel Eyeliner  actually isn't completely Matt but, to my surprise, I found that the slight soft sheen it has really brightens my eyes. I also really like that it doesn't dry out as quickly, like other gel eyeliners. It is also very soft and smooth so it doesn't irritate my eye and I don't feel it on my lid all day. It is also very long lasting and it stays on for around 12 hours. 


Kiko Milano Lasting Gel Eyeliner 

When it comes to the prices it is considered affordable compared to a lot of other gel eyeliners. I would say a downside to it, is that it doesn't come with an applicator brush, which will require you to buy one. For me, this wasn't much of an issue because finding and buying one wasn't that difficult. 

Finally, I would like to tell you girls that if you're looking for a really good gel eyeliner, this KIKO one is my recommendation. So try it out and tell me what you think...