As the beauty world has begun to move on and get over the super matte lipstick trend, some of us (me) still find it hard to get over how practical they are, easy to wear and durable to wind blown hair sticking to our lips. So, I looked through my collection to find a creamy matte lipstick that has all of the above features without being too drying or too matte looking and... we have a winner. 

This a KIKO Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick review by yours truly. Why, you ask, are you reviewing just another matte lipstick? Well...because it's not. When I bought this a couple of years ago, I was mind blown by, first of all, how affordable it is and how the easy it is to apply. The formula has a a lot of pigment, but never looks too harsh and doesn't bleed out to the corners of your lip line. It also lasts really well and you can barely feel it on your lips. 

This is exactly why I believe a matte lipstick like this won't go out of trend. I almost feel like a formula like this is what silver screen actresses wore when their lipstick wasn't too creamy, think late '50s. I can sum it up as a matte lipstick that's not too matte with the benefits of a matte lipstick. Read that again, it will start to make sense. 

It's matte at the end of the day though, so it can dry your lips a bit after a long day but , nothing compared to other matte formulas I've found on the market. I also always start with putting a bit of lip balm before to avoid that. The bullet's tip is squared, which is a big bonus for me because it makes applying the lipstick so easy and you can really define your lips without  a lip liner. 

I own only two shades from the KIKO Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick range and I absolutely love them both. They're very different of course, one is a nude and the other is a plumy color. I know this might sound like i'm exaggerating but I'm dead serious, it is the best nude and the best plum lipstick that I found for myself to this day. Most nude lipsticks don't suit me and this is the only one that did because it has brown and warm orange undertones. The plum is also among the very few shades that applies evenly and can be built up from a natural subtle stain to a deep sexy wine stained lip. 

Try them out and tell us what you think on Instagram along with what shade you got so we can share it! 


KIKO Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in 381 Burgundy


KIKO Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in 301 Beige