How many times have you tried covering your under eye circles, only to find yourself confused and unsure about the end result. For me, although my dark under eye circles do not bother me that much, I still try to hide them from time to time, and a lot of time I consider it to not be a success. 

There's nothing easier than following a quick step by step makeup tutorial on how to hide under eye dark circles with concealer and makeup. All you have to do is make sure you have the products below so you can start learning about these makeup tips.

You will need: 

- Hydrating Eye Cream

- Peach Colored Concealer 

- Buffing Concealer Brush

- Liquid Concealer (that perfectly matches your skin tone) 

- Lighter shade of concealer (to highlight with)

- Banana Powder

- Nude Eyeshadow 

- Bright Shimmery Eyeshadow 

- Eye opening fluttery Mascara