Concealer is the closest thing we have to magic wands, you literally wave it (apply it) to your face and voila, all the flaws are gone with the wind. So, basically it’s a must have and it can fill in for many other products. However, picking the right shade for you can be tricky, but don’t worry I have some life-saving tips on how to choose the right concealer for your skin.

First, stay away from the low-quality ones that come from untrusted brands because they will probably give you bad coverage and will could damage your skin and break you out. 

Go for a concealer shade a bit lighter than your skin color or from your foundation, especially if you'll be mainly using it for your underage area. 

Picking the right color:

According to the color chart, every two opposite colors can neutralize one another or in other words be used as it’s corrector. 

- So if you want to correct dark circles you use an orange corrector.

- If you want to hide a red spot you apply a green corrector.

On top of that you can start applying your normal skin-colored foundation or concealer.

Picking the right formula and the texture:

This step is so important, you want to pick the right formula and texture so that you won’t end up with a cakey look that makes your skin look weird and unhealthy.

- Creamy concealers are perfect for hiding dark circles and spots but for the undereye area, it’s better to look light and easy bendable ones that are long-lasting so they won't move and crease throughout the day. 

- If you have oily skin avoid concealers that have oil in them. Look for something especially made for your skin type.

How to apply concealer

The final step is to apply it properly. For the under eyes, apply it in the form of small dots to avoid excess product under your eyes. Apply three dots under each eye and blend it out with your fingers gently. Apply more if you need to. For spot concealing apply a small amount on the back of your hand and use your finger or brush to blend it out, that way if your acne or spot is infected, it won't infect your concealer wand or applicator.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @patrickta