I've never really liked Oud scents. I found the smell to be too strong for me and I've smelt a lot of  Musk and Oud perfumes by many brands and always found the scent to be very pungent. So the Laya Perfume by NE'EMAH was a pleasant surprise for me and a table turner to make me actually own a Musk and Oud based perfume

Laya by NE'EMAH can be found in Sephora Middle East only. It is an Arab brand by the Kuwaiti perfumer Mohammed Neā€™emah. He has other perfumes as well, but this is his most popular one and has reached Sephora's Best Seller List. 

My journey with this scent started when I smelt it on a friend and I immediately asked her what that perfume was. Now when I have it on, people always ask me about it, complimenting the scent, so it's definitely attention grabbing. 

This perfume completely changed my perspective on Oud. I've always had one rule when it came to perfumes and that is, in no way can it have Oud. However, I love vanilla scents and Laya has a vanilla and Oud infusion that made me absolutely fall in love wit it. The combination is brilliant and it creates a scent that compliments each note without it being too heavy, which was my previous problem with Oud. It also has musk and it has cedar wood, which I love, along with vanilla in candles, so that's another reason why it's a win for me. 

Even though it's considerably light and doesn't have that overly pungent Oud  or musk scent, it's actually very very long lasting. If I had previously sprayed it on a jacket, after a while when I go back to put it on, I can still smell it on the jacket, to the point where I don't feel the need to spray it on again. I also noticed once by accident that the scent also sticks to my hair and makes my hair smell great all day

Also, another magical thing about the Laya perfume is that the scent keeps getting better as the day progresses. So, when I spray it in the morning it's one thing and then it starts to change slightly by the end of the day and actually smell better! The packaging is also really chic and big. It will last you a long time because you only need one spritz a day. I really recommend you give it a whiff, even if you hate Oud.