Acne and acne scars are among the most exhausting and emotionally draining skin problems. It's very hard to see your skin suffer like. There are a couple of ways people heal acne and acne scars. Getting rid of acne scars may take a lot of time but it works and is completely worth it. 

I came across this YouTuber Sarah Marie Nagel, who talked about how she healed extreme and violent cystic acne completely naturally. To be honest when I saw the title of the video, I didn't believe it. How this even possible? But after watching her video, understanding the DIY masks, natural products, oils (yes oils!) she used and the diet she changed, it became to make more sense. 

This video is really great because Sarah gives a detailed explanation of the types of acne and scarring one can have. It also gave me hope than nature can heal anything! Essentials we can easily buy can help cure even the most aggressive of skin conditions, if we just have a little faith and patience, can go away. 

Main Image and Video Credits: Instagram @holistichabits