Just because you're over 50, does't mean can't be as elegant, fabulous and attractive as before. In the past I thought that as I got older, I would lose my attractiveness and style. I always used to look at my mother in awe, not believing how she's 50 and still manages to take care of her amazing style and put an effort in her chicness. When I turned 20, I decided to ask her. She answered so simply, "Your elegance has nothing to do with your age." At first I did't think much of it, but as we finished talking,  I finally came to understand what she meant by that completely...


So, here's the advice my mom gave me about how to maintain your elegance and fabulous style in your 50s... 

1. The more beautiful you feel on the inside, the more your style and elegance reflects that beauty on the outside. It's all about self confidence, which is important at any age, not just you 50s.

2. With aging, you start to understand yourself more. Which means you begin to understand your body, your style, what makes you feel good, what suits you and what doesn't. From here you start to have a lot of experience in choosing clothes that make you feel the most confident and beautiful, no matter what your age is.

3. Experience! She said to me, “My experience in different areas in life really increased over the years. I started looking into many things including fashion and trends, so I learned a lot of style tricks and how to coordinate my outfits. I also learned how a simple accent can change your look. Today, I apply what I have learned. "

4. Colors are like a source of life for each person. Just because you're older now, doesn't mean you start wearing only black, brown and dark colors. The more colors you wear the more clear your message to yourself and others is. You're 50 but you love yourself and you love life.

5. With aging comes wrinkles. They are like marks, revealing what we have been through in life.  But we are capable of embracing them and seeing them as a beautiful thing. It's all about embracing them and complimenting your beautiful aging signs with elegance and grace.  

Although my mom said these words to me years ago,  I still to this day think about these words all the time. I even came across a lot of fashion bloggers that are around the same age who really inspired me and embody the elegance and fabulousness of their age. With a quick scroll through their accounts, I noticed some key things about their style that I think is why they look so chic and fabulous...

1. A few colors but a lot of elegance..


I found that fashion blogger Renata followed this rule. As I looked through her outfits on her Instagram account, Ven's Wife Style, I noticed that even though some of her outfits are bright and colorful, she usually sticks to only 1 or 2 colors in every outfit. This adds a lot of chicness and sophistication to her looks.

2. Choose the clothes that flatter you the most


My mom always tries clothes in the store before buying them. She believes that at her age, there is no room for getting things that don't make you feel good or don't flatter your body like you'd want them to. I also noticed this with fashion blogger Beth Djalali. Although she wears so many different  kinds of looks that are diverse in style and fit, every outfit she chooses really flatters her and looks like it was tailor made for her. 

3. Popping Bright Colors


As for this amazing blogger, Judith, it is pretty obvious that she wants to tell us that bright colors are the way to go, and they have nothing to do with age. Her beautiful bright outfits speak for themselves and are a huge part of why I'm so drawn to her style. So take a look at her Instagram Style Crone, and get inspired to try on a colorful look.

4. Simplicity is key for elegant and chic outfits...


The first thing that came to mind when I looked at Susan's blog is 'simplicity'. Her style is simple, easy, effortless without a lot of complexity, but very put together. You can see from her outfits that  she is comfortable and has found her go to look. So simplicity and minimalism is another great way  to channel elegant chic outfits. 

5. Accessories


Have you noticed that your mother is the exact opposite of you when it comes to choosing accessories? For example, I don't really care about buying jewelry that is expensive, but my mother does. The more we grow up, the more we want to invest in high-quality jewelry and save them for occasions, while being careful not to overdo it. For example, the stunning fashion blogger Grece loves wearing jewelry. She wears simple elegant jewelry and sticks to one or two pieces.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @greceghanem