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| by Dalia Hosny

How to Wear Heels Safely During Pregnancy

Who doesn't have a love affair with her shoes? A woman's love for stilettos and high heels is exceptional. When you're considering your maternity fashion, you should look for both comfort and style. Since being fashionable and feeling sexy is essential during pregnancy, you don't have to give up wearing heels, yet there are some things that you should know prior to going out in your stilettos. Here are tips to consider...

1. The shorter the better.

A thinner and higher heel is definitely much more painful to your back and legs. Wedges or kitten heels will give you more balance and flexibility, while still complimenting your body. Go for a peep toe wedge for casual wear or kitten heel pumps for a dressier look, it all depends on your outfit. 

2. Ditch your 12 cm heels.

During pregnancy, your body tends to be fuller and heavier. That's why any heels that are higher than five centimeters are a big no no! As a person with passion for high heels, I know how it feels to ditch your favorite shoes. But hey, it's only nine months. No need for sky-high shoes anymore. Be patient, and keep your baby safe.

3. Keep it minimal.

In the last three months of pregnancy, the usage of heels should be kept down to the minimal. When your baby bump is at its biggest shape, then safety and comfort should come first. Leave them for very special occasions or outings. This way you will have happier feet.

4. When in pain, take them off.

While pregnant, be extra careful. If you feel like your back is in pain or your calf muscles are hurting you, then you seriously need to take them off. If you're stuck and you have no other options, then calf stretches and foot massages are a must. 

5. Take extra care of your feet.

One bad thing about pregnancy is swollen feet, and that's why your favorite pair of shoes might not actually fit. Don't try hard. During pregnancy, your body tends to carry extra water towards the lower half of your body. Any swelling will leave your body and feet in extra pain. If you feel like you can't walk in them, just take them off. Falling or losing balance might harm the baby's life. Stay away from discomfort and be safe.

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