Dry flakey feet are not pretty, they're horrendous. I didn't realize how much my feet needed care until I noticed the dryness come up higher in my ankles, which has never happened to me before. I love wearing sandals, so my feet are exposed all day to hot dry weather that doesn't do them well at all. Also, I never took care of my feet and never thought I needed too, I always cared about my facial skincare routine and forgot about my body.

So one night I decided to give my feet the care it really deserves but I also decided to add touches to the routine in order to make the experience more pleasant and effective. So here's what I did:

1. I soaked my feet in a bucket of warm water. Added a creamy shower gel and a shower oil. I took a step further to pamper myself by adding lavender bath salts. The lavender scent is great for anxiety and salts are said to absorb negative energy and stress. 

2. After soaking it for around 10 min, I used a very gentle pumice stone just around the places that have a lot of dead and dry skin. You can also apply a sheet face mask while soaking your feet to pass the time, 2 birds with one stone

Note: When using these stones be very gentle because they could hurt you.

3. I made a DIY foot scrub; 1 tbsp of sugar, adjust amount of honey according to your preference and a tbsp of olive oil.  I scrubbed each foot for around 30 seconds, concentrating on the areas that are dry and flaky

4. I went about doing an at-home pedicure; fixing the cuticles and buffing my toenails.

5. This step is my favorite and it's a miracle worker. I made a DIY at home foot mask. I took my favorite shea butter body cream and added to it almond oil. Mixed them together and slathered my feet in it. Apply more than you usually would, you want to be able to see the greasy mixture on your skin. Then take a plastic bag and wrap around each foot separately and then wear a thick long sock and leave it on for as long as you can. I kept it on for around 30 minutes 

6. I let the rest of the mask to absorb into my skin, and then I applied a colorful blue nail polish to get me excited for summer. 

My feet instantly felt amazing afterward, you know the saying 'feels like a baby's bum' that's exactly what it felt like. I was going out that night and my feet looked beautiful in sandals. This, however, needs maintenance, it's not going to have a long-term effect, so you want to do this as much as possible to have beautiful feet all year round. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @allanaramaa