When a woman is in her 40’s her body goes through a series of changes, which has an effect on her skin. The 40’s is a time when a woman’s estrogen levels decrease, due to the beginning of the menopause phase. This leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles quite fast. Therefore, we decided to share with you a step by step guide to taking care of your skin in your 40’s.

- A very important way to take care of your skin in your 40’s, is by using a good moisturizing cream containing hyaluronic acid or glycerin. These products help trap the moisture your skin needs for as long as it can, which helps prolong the appearance of signs of aging. 

- If you are one of those lucky women who are blessed with a glowing complexion, you need to use products (toners, cleansers, etc.) that contain glycolic acid. To take care of your skin in your 40's, go for a facial peel only once a week, to get rid of any dead skin cells and achieve radiant looking skin. 

- Due to the changes in hormones a woman goes through during her 40’s, her skin is likely to break out, and pimples may appear on her forehead and around her lips. Take care of your skin in your 40's by heading over to your dermatologist or use creams that contain salicylic acid.

- The appearance of wrinkles is one of the things that truly bother a woman, however, as a woman grows older, wrinkles increase especially around the eyes and lips. Be sure to load up on creams that can fight wrinkles and produce collagen.

P.S. If you managed to take care of your skin in your 20’s and in your 30’s, then your skin is less likely to go through drastic changes as the years go by.

- The most important tip to take care of your skin in your 40's, is to always apply sunblock, with a high SPF. Apply it regularly as this will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles due to the harmful sun rays.

- Be sure to choose a facial cleanser that is suitable for your type of skin, and it is preferable you don't go for a harsh facial cleanser, that is too drying. 

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