For some people, a mother in her forties is stereotyped into probably being a woman who doesn't care anymore about her looks; a woman whose most outfits are probably brown or grey. Well, today, the successful TV show 'Kaeno Embareh' starring Rania Youssef, turns this meaningless stereotype up-side-down. In this series, Rania Youssef's style is a real game changer for all the middle-aged women's outfits! 

Rania succeeded in wearing what suits her 40's age as well as her role as a mom for two mid-twenties kids, while staying in style with quite vibrant colors and fashionable cuts! The wardrobe unwillingly inspires a lot of women with her looks and gives them subtle fashion lessons about how age is never related to staying stylish. If you haven't watched the series yet, don't worry, we've put that into consideration so we gathered for you all the looks the talented actress aced in several episodes. Follow up to see these stunning outfits!

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All image credits: YouTube @CBCDrama