If someone told you that having kids and being in your forties is a style stopper, they're lying! Don't listen to those unreal negative thoughts. You can hit your forties and still rock evening outfits whether you're heading to a wedding or dinner, if you just follow these styling tips:

1. Always pick vivid and vibrant colors. Stay away from dark shades except for black, of course. Bright colors always give a look that is alive and active!

2. Pick the right design for you. Try to focus on cuts that conceal any aging body parts that may annoy you. However, it's never a shame to show any natural aging signs on our bodies, and hitting forty doesn't mean you can't wear exposing, sexy dresses, that's why the ultimate solution is to pick a piece that neither shows too much nor entirely covers you up. This will give you the optimum attractive look. 

3. If you're a mother of a daughter, you're lucky! It's like being gifted a best friend whom you can ask anything concerning your style! Take your daughter's opinion on what to wear for a night out or an evening wedding party; share thoughts with her and you'll definitely find with her more honesty and concern than anyone else! A girl always loves to see her mommy as the most stylish woman in the room!

4. Stay away from cheap fabrics, they lack classiness and elegance and will always make you look older! A lady in her forties with kids should look like someone who's fashion experienced, figured out their sense of style, enough to know what to wear and what not to wear. 

5. Consider high waist skirts, they're perfect for a confident women's elegance and will never fail to add a touch of classiness to your outfit. 

Main Image Credits by order: Instagram @notlamb , @my_small_wardrobe , @glamupyourlifestyle