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Fashion Header image fustany dorras high fashion taste isnt just on the red carpet amp heres the proof en

| by Salma Khattab

Dorra's High Fashion Taste Isn't Just on the Red Carpet, Here's the Proof

It's no surprise that Dorra Zarrouk is always in style. However, everyone tends to notice just her festival looks or movie premier outfits that always get us literally jaw-dropped. Dorra doesn't only have a high sense of fashion when it comes to events, but her style is so unique during summer time. Her style simply speaks for her classy-rich identity.

It's kind of uncommon for a star to catch the eyes with just their summer/daily wear! But this is what Dorra did again; she just captured our hearts with her sometimes-girly-sometimes-sexy summer style that took our breaths away. Already curious? Check this sammery of Dorra's unique looks for last summer; I've brought you a bunch of her best dresses that can suit days/nights.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @dorra_zarrouk

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