Empowering Vitiligo Personal Stories and Important Self Love Messages

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10/28/20, 12:00 AM

Over the years, we have started to see more and more visions of empowerment when it comes to beauty standards and skin conditions like Vitiligo. And although the world is no where near where it should be, it is still hopeful to see a start and strong women and girls opening up and being empowering examples to younger boys and girls to accept and ove themselves.

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Before we show you some strong words and empowering messages by some familiar faces, we thought we'd talk briefly about what is Vitiligo...

Vitiligo is a skin condition that affects either one part of the body or multiple parts and may reach the hair or inside of the mouth. The skin loses its pigment cells and so it causes loss of color in different patches.

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Ela Ana Series

"Lazem A'eesh" These two words have become the focus of everyone's conversation over the past few days, after the series Ela Ana showed us the story of a girl with Vitiligo named Nour, played by Jamila Awad, who suffered and struggled in society since her childhood because of her skin condition. She does everything she can to hide her skin because of her fear of getting bullied. The show really brought awareness to the issue showing our society the pain, fear and suffering someone like her can go through for being bullied and not accepted as she is, because of society's sick beauty standards and shameful attitude towards anything or anyone different.

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Karen Wazen

Back in 2018, Karen Wazen revealed she had Vitiligo. She shared what is was like to find out and the effect the diagnosis had on her self confidence. She also shared in hope that others with physical insecurities can find confidence and feel inspired to not feel ashamed of whoever they are or what they look like.

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Mila Abouchalbak

In September, we interviewed the Mila Abouchalbak and her mother. The Seven-year-old has already had so much impact becoming the the first girl with vitiligo, of her age, to be featured as a cover girl and on Vogue Arabia. We got to ask them a few questions and were incredibly inspired and hopeful because of the change this could potentially have on so many young girls and boys. 

"People that have seen some of my photoshoots look at me in a different way. There is less pointing and talking behind my back."

Check out her full interview here...

Logina Salah 

This makeup artist blew people away on social media with her beauty and confidence. She started sharing photos of her natural skin so she can empower people and inspire them to not hide away. She told What Women Want, "I want everyone especially women to be themselves and to feel comfortable in their own skin. There is no problem with some enhancements, but we have to embrace the idea of having flaws and vulnerabilities…nobody is perfect or flawless."

She's also constantly sharing and writing empowering positive posts on Instagram, among them was a video she made for a little girl named Lara, with Vitiligo, who was depressed and having a hard time going out. You have to see her video and Lara's response... 

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Winnie Harlow

Winnie growing up faced a lot of bullying as well. A journalist saw her and encouraged her to model for her beauty and her skills in front of the camera were amazing. Her career started to grow and she became an icon, breaking boundaries and showing the world that beauty knows no rules and standards. She also became the first model with Vitiligo to walk the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She told GMA "It's actually insane to me by just being yourself the things that you can achieve," she said. "I'm going to be the first model with vitiligo walking for Victoria's Secret. It's a door-opening for everyone. We are all the same because we're all different." Also on Health Insight she said, "I always say you should focus on your own opinion of yourself, rather than the opinions of others.”

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