For Beirut: 8 Inspiring Lebanese Brands to Support

Mai Atef
9/15/20, 12:00 AM

We all saw the horrific moments that Beirut went through with the port explosion. Our hearts sank and we felt helpless in a tragic moment like this. Social media showed us the pain that people and families went through from the loss of their loved ones to seeing their homes, offices and workplaces shattered in front of their eyes. Everyone from around the world helped with donations and are still supporting Beirut to help it stand even stronger than before. Many amazing Lebanese designers used their art as well and were able to rise again, after their shops and ateliers were destroyed. Today we wanted to shed light on some of these Lebanese brands that you can support and stand behind as another gesture to help Beirut in any way we all can.

Inspirring Lebanese designers and brands to support:

Sarah's bag

Sarah's bag is one of the most famous Lebanese brands that were scheduled to celebrate the 20th anniversary, before the explosion happened and caused destruction to their workplace. However, despite that, Sarah Beydoun, who is considered one of society’s most inspiring women, was able to rebuild the place, in order to get back to work and express her experience through her distinctive designs.

Roni Helou

Roni Helou is one of the most prominent young fashion designers in Lebanon whose atelier was also destroyed. But he still continues his path to success that he's set from the start. Roni’s ready-to-wear designs draw inspiration from societal and environmental issues.

Bil Arabi by Nadine Kanso

A prominent jewelry brand in the middle east, Bil Arabi offers distinctive designs with amazing Arabic calligraphy. Jewelry designer Nadine Kanso was able to translate her personality and expressions through her jewelry designs, with even the words she chooses on rings, bracelets and necklaces. She also made a special collection named ‘Ya Beirut’ with which all proceeds would be donated to Lebanon.


Rebecca Zaatar, known for her eye-catching designs and creativity is the woman behind THYM, a brand we’ve admired and seen on bloggers, from ready-to-wear-looks to evening dresses. Rebecca shared on Instagram, the destruction that occurred to the atelier and her home. However, her strength was inspiring to many, as she returns to work to show us more of her unique talent.


Another well-known Lebanese brand, Boshies, which offers casual wear, like T-shirts, sweatshirts and other everyday essentials that are adorned with Arabic words and calligraphy, representing a part of Lebanese identity. They also took an important initiative to provide aid and support through charities to help rebuild Beirut.

Sandra Mansour

The renowned designer’s atelier was one of the many exposed to damage from the explosion. However, their perseverance and success is undeniable and we were really excited and inspired by her collection with H&M that was definitely unforgettable.

Andrea Wazen

We’ve all seen Andrea Wazen’s amazing designs that have become incredibly popular among bloggers and celebrities everywhere. Their boutique and office were destroyed, but she also showed strength and optimism and provided support to Lebanese NGOs. 

AURA by Carolina

AURA by Carolina make beautiful bridal headpieces and sophisticated handmade jewels. She also shared the aftermath of the explosion on her boutique. However, she didn’t lose hope and remained positive, creating more and showing a sneak peek from her newest sketch.


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