Families and friends are getting ready and preparing their travel plans for their Eid Adha vacation. Everyone's looking to travel abroad but also cut a little bit on the expenses and travel on a budget. Traveling to Lebanon is a great idea for those looking for affordable travel options, without any limitations or obstacles. You can get the full travel experience while still being a bit gentle on your wallet. So we're giving you a Lebanon travel guide with some of the cheapest touristic places to visit and budget friendly restaurants. 

Cheapest Tourism Spots in Lebanon

Jeitta Grotto Cave

This is amongst the most famous touristic spots in Lebanon. You get to enjoy a wonderful telefric ride to arrive at the Jeitta Grotto cave.  It consists of caves full of beautiful shapes and natural high sculptures. You enter the cave in a boat not on foot and after leaving the cave you get to climb to the highest spot on the mountain to take a look at a statue of the Virgin Mary. This experience is among the best in Lebanon for its beauty and price, which is only 400 EGP.

Anjar, Baalbek, and Ksara Day Trip

This trip covers 3 of the most famous ancient cities in Lebanon. Anjar and Baalbek have a lot of stunning historical cites that show Roman and Islamic influence. You also get to have a tourist guide that can explain all the historical elements and facts that would interest you. At the end of the trip you pay a visit to Ksara to have lunch at some of the best places for Lebanese cuisine. This trip will cost you 1600 EGP. 

Baatara gorge Waterfall in Tannourine

This is one the most beautiful waterfalls you will come across in Lebanon. It looks like a cave of several levels with the waterfall falling through the middle openings. Completely magical and enchanting and Its height is 255 meters. You will also get to visit the Mseilha Fort that dates back to the 17th century. You can also stop during get trip to get lunch at Batroun Old Souk. This trip will cost you 800 EGP.

National Museum of Beirut

This is one the biggest museums in Beirut with around 100 ancient artifacts dating back to prehistoric times, the Middle Ages, Mamluk dynasty up until the Roman, Greek and Phoenician periods. It also includes some ancient remnants from the Lebanese civil war in 1975.

Zaitunay Bay

This a wonderful place to go get a peace of mind and relax by the water. You can sit and relax admiring the beautiful sea. You can also go have a meal at a restaurant overlooking the wonderful view. You can even walk around or shop...

Saida Souq

A great souq that is very much loved for shopping. You can find a lot of your shopping needs there, from clothes to wooden sculptures and art pieces. You can also eat wonderful food and find specific areas dedicated for selling soap and gold. If you love buying people souvenirs, this is the place to go for great prices and great quality. 

Cheapest Restaurants in Lebanon

Em Sherif

One of the most famous restaurants in Lebanon for amazing Lebanese cuisine of all different types of meals. This is a tourist favorite for deep Lebanese cravings. It presents different meals throughout the day and at night you can enjoy your meal listening to beautiful music. 

Bou Melhem in Beirut

Bou Melhem presents different types of cuisines from Lebanese to different oriental cuisines as well as even European platters. With very affordable pricing for those looking for budget friendly meals. It also presents vegetarian dishes, so it has something for everybody for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

t-marbouta in Hamra

It is among the best restaurants that we can recommend for your visit to Lebanon. It also presents various cuisines as well as vegetarian plates and gluten free meals. It is also budget friendly and will satisfy all your Lebanese food cravings. 

Barbar Restaurant in Hamra

This is one of the most famous restaurants in Lebanon, especially in the Hamra area in Beirut. You can visit this restaurant anytime you like because its actually open 24/7 and presents Lebanese, oriental and international plates. Its pricing is also very reasonable.

Mayrig in Beirut

This is a very famous Armenian restaurant in Beirut where you can have very yummy oriental food and special Armenian dishes. If you haven't tried Armenian food before this is a great place to start.

Babel Bay in Zaitunay Bay

A great location by the beach with amazing Lebanese food that everyone's in search for when in Lebanon. It is a great spot to eat at in Zaitunay Bay. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @lanaelsahely