A movie that is right now gaining a lot of popularity on Netflix is the remake of the Hitchcock classic, Rebecca. The movie was originally an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's novel. It now stars Lily James and Armie Hammer. If you're curious about the plot, you can check out the trailer below, but we're here to talk about the fashion. You know we love a good throwback and this goes all the way back to late 1930s. However, the costume designer, Julian Day told Fashionista he wanted the outfits in Rebecca to be relatable and approachable for the audience, which we think he really managed to achieve. Mrs. de Winter, Lily James', outfits, although are classic, could really be found and recreated easily from stores nowadays. 

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So, without further a do, here's how to shop the look and recreate the outfits from Rebecca:

The Trench Coat Look

netflix Rebecca fashion get the look

I wouldn't say from the pictures this is the trench coat material we see commonly nowadays, it looks a bit heavier. But the monochrome blue look is gorgeous and definitely easily to recreate in a modern way. 

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Next Accessorize Blue Wool Beret - Net - A - Porter Valentino Pleated Trench Coat - Farfetch YSL Gloves

The Floral Top

netflix Rebecca fashion get the look

Zara Floral Knit Sweater

You can never go wrong with a simple floral top. In the movie, her's had a more classic 'wallpaper' print. The florals we found were a bit more modern and bold. We all love the fit of this top from Zara. The turtleneck along with the scrunchy material is a winner. 

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The Tweed Suit

netflix Rebecca fashion get the look

Ralph Lauren The Tweed Jacket - Massimo Dutti Black Blouse

It was hard to find something similar to this classic tweed suit, although I think we can all easily find one in a vintage store or in our grandmother's closet. We loved this Ralph Lauren blazer and chic Zara blouse for a more modern approach to her look. 

The Casual Wool Blazer

netflix Rebecca fashion get the look

Massimo Dutti Check Wool Blazer - Zara Knit Sweater - Zara Trousers

One of her more casual looks was this knit sweater and wool blazer paring. Something you can truly easily recreate for fall. Massimo Dutti have some great blazers and if you was to dress up the look a bit, these Zara pants look amazing. 

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The Casual Summer Look

netflix Rebecca fashion get the look

Another Casual look we loved was this easy effortless outfit. The first thing I thought when I saw this was how I wouldn't blink twice if I saw the type of outfit more than once on my Instagram feed. 

netflix Rebecca fashion get the look

I took a more modern approach with the pants and chose these Jeans Culottes, paired with a high neck ruffled floral top and gorgeous summer hat. 

H&M Blouse - Zara Hat - Mango Jeans Culotte - Mango Coffee Bag

The Cardigan

netflix Rebecca fashion get the look

Carolina Herrera Cardigan - Mango Mom Fit Jeans - Parfois Crossbody Bag - Church's T-Bar Sandals

I loved this look. It's such a timeless outfit that can adapted and worn in so many ways. I picked this gorgeous Carolina Herrera cardigan that is almost a replica, and modernized the look with Mango's mom fit white jeans. 

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netflix Rebecca fashion get the look

 Mango Suit - Zara High Neck Sweater - Parfois Wool Beret

Another great outfit that is all about having an easy breezy suit. This Mango one is really nice and timeless. Also the turtleneck just ties the whole thing together. 

 All Image Credits: Rebecca Via IMDb and Rebecca Trailer Via Netflix Youtube