When it came to El Gouna Film Festival Red Carpet fashion this year, we turned our attention to the local Egyptian brands and designers that we saw on the red carpet. From dresses to the jewelry and bags, we wanted to highlight the Egyptian brands at The Gouna Film Festival and express how proud and happy we are to see their success. 

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10 Local Egyptian Designers and brands at El Gouna Film Festival

Soha Murad dresses at El Gouna Film Festival

undefinedFashion designer Soha Murad's work was seen more than once on actress Ola Roshy. Injy El Mokkaddem also wore a beaded mini dress by her and it was apparent that Soha was keen on presenting a wide variety of dresses with very different vibes.

Sara Onsi Dresses at El Gouna Film Festival

Sara Onsi Gouna Film Festival 2020

The young fashion designer had a big, noticeable presence during El Gouna Film Festival this year. She dressed celebrities in many different diverse designs, including jumpsuits and evening dresses.

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Malak El Ezzawy suits and dresses at El Gouna Film Festival

I think the Egyptian fashion designer was able to dazzle us since the first day of El Gouna Film Festival. Her designs were diverse and varied between dresses and suits, which became the focus people's conversation. She went from classic and simple designs, to vibrant and bold ones.

Elegant designs by Deana Shaaban at El Gouna Film Festival 

 Deana Shaaban Gouna Film Festival 2020

Deana Shaaban is the queen of simplicity and effortless elegance. Her designs for Tara Emad were gorgeous and that black dress took our breath away. Also the white jumpsuit she wore the second day was really elegant and perfectly suited for Tara, in our opinion. 

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Kojak designs at El Gouna Film Festival

 Kojak Gouna Film Festival 2020

Kojak's designs, known for the drama and theatrics, were seen this year a couple of celebrities in very different approaches that included more adventurous takes on red carpet fashion.

Mahmoud Ghaly Designs at El Gouna Festival

Mahmoud Ghaly Gouna Film Festival 2020

Egyptian fashion designer Mahmoud Ghaly was keen on unconventional dresss the Gouna Film Festival. He used ruffles, metallic fabrics and bold colors.

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Rebel Cairo at El Gouna Festival

Rebel Cairo Gouna Film Festival 2020

As usual, every year there are some Egyptian brands that take their first steps on the festival's red carpet. The Egyptian brand known for their stunning printed scarfs were chosen to be worn very differently on the young talent Sarrah Abdelrahman.

Samah Mahran dresses at El Gouna Film Festival

Fashion designer Samah Mahran also had a few moments on the red carpet, with Basma wearing her designs. She appeared in a sexy, black, simple and elegant dress and another bold jumpsuit with a glistening fabric.

Egyptian Jewelry brands at El Gouna Festival

We cannot deny the importance of accessories and jewelry for red carpet looks. So just like we love to talk about the dresses, we also like to give jewelry and bags their turn too...

Emeralds by Dima Jewellery at El Gouna Film Festival

Dima Jewellery Gouna Film Festival 2020

Many stars glistened with green jewelry and emerald pieces by Dima Jewellery with earrings, rings, bracelets and more. The Jewelry added a lot to their looks and glamour.

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Azza Fahmy jewelry at El Gouna Festival

Azza Fahmy Gouna Film Festival 2020

El Gouna Film Festival red carpet isn't complete without seeing glimpses of Azza Fahmy. Despite seeing her designs every year, there's always something new and innovative to make you fall in love all over again.

IRAM Jewelry at El Gouna Festival

Iram Jewelry Gouna Film Festival 2020

IRAM's jewelry was also very eye-catching on celebrities. They were all really luxurious elegant designs with still a lot of simplicity.

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Bag designers making an appearance for the first time at the El Gouna Film Festival

 Egyptian Brands at Gouna Film Festival 2020

Also, we cannot lose sight of bags and their importance for a red carpet look. We noticed this bag on Tara Emad from the NAGADA. It was simple and elegant and complimented her look.

The second brand that caught our eye was MII on Salma Abu Deif. It is small in size and simple in shape, but did not unnoticed because of the beautiful leaf detail. 

The third brand that caught our attention was Omni's. Their bags were seen on the hands of Nardine Farag and Ghada Adel. Their shape was really cute and fun and was seen in green and silver.

Okhtein bags at El Gouna Film Festival

Of course, we had to see on the red carpet some of Okhtein's gorgeous bags. The Egyptian brand's Roman Rod was held here by Amina Khalil and Nardine Farag. 

All Image Credits: Instagram @elgounafilmfestivalofficial