Samar Morsi... One of the stars who gained a lot of attention in Ramadan 2015 after she played the character of "Maya" in the series “Taht Al Saytara”, that everyone was talking about right away. And since then, she's been taking steady steps in the field year after year, and once again she's getting the audience talking again this year, after she appeared as Myrna in “W Neheb Tany Leh”, which was featured in the 2020 Ramadan series'. That's why decided we need to interview her about her journey in the acting field and here's what she told us…

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1. First of all, how did you join the cast of “W Neheb Tany Leh”?

My nomination for the role came from the producing company "Synergy" and author Amr Mahmoud Yassin.

2. What attracted you to play the role of Myrna?

I had a passion to play a middle-class personality, especially after I portrayed many arrogant aristocrats. Besides, I was looking for a project that would appeal more to the masses and a role closer to my age. Myrna was providing me with all these elements, and I really liked the role very much.

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3. Do you think your calm features have played a significant role in the success of Myrna's character?

It could be... but I've already played an evil role in “Lams Aktaf" and it was very successful. So I think it's not just the features, but building and studying the personality is what best helps an actor communicate what they want to the viewers.

4. How did you find the reactions to your role in the series?

I was so happy, the feedback was very real. The audience sometimes sympathized with Myrna, and on other occasions, she made them angry, and it was the public's grief that I felt most after Myrna's death.

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5. You introduced various characters from “Taht Al Saytara” to “W Neheb Tany Leh”, which one was closest to your heart?

I like very distant characters, for example, the closest character to my heart is Camilla from “Lams Aktaf”. It was very complicated that it made me feel like I am playing a different personality each time, and then this character left a very positive impression thanks to the Best Actress award in Ramadan 2019 Al Hayat Festival in its 20th round. And then the character of “Myrna” comes next in “W Neheb Tany Leh”, and then “Maya” in “Taht Al Saytara”.

6. What difficulties have you encountered when playing the role of “Myrna”?

Myrna's reactions are completely different from mine, so it was very difficult. Although Myrna's character is fun and delightful, she has many accumulations in her life. So I sat then with director Amr Yassin, and we drew the character to be childlike, quiet, and with non-violent reactions, as it appeared on the screen.

7. Which star do you still dream of working with?

There are many stars who I wish to work with and on top of them is the leader Adel Imam and Mahmoud Hemida. I also love the work of Kareem Abdel Aziz, Youssef el-Sherif, and Amir Karara.

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8. Tell us a little bit about “Hata La Yatir Al Dokhan”?

The series is based on the story of the great writer Ihsan Abdel Quddous and not the movie. As I am presenting a character with a different composition that I’ve never played before, and I have to tell you that this is the character cam excited the most to see on the screen. And this is the second time that I deal with the star Mustafa Shaban and author Dr. Medhat Al Adl.

9. What about Coco Chanel and the collaboration with Star Sherihan?

Coco Chanel is a huge job that has never been done before in the Arab world. It's also a very dear experience to my heart. I am simply participating with Sherihan “the icon of art”, which was the reason I loved art and studied ballet when I was a kid.

10. Finally, what role do you still dream of playing?

There are still many roles I dream of introducing, especially in action and science fiction, which are my favorite. 

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