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| by Nada Allam

Your Guide to Choosing Eyeliner According to Your Eye Color

I am one of those people who believe that when it comes to makeup, you need to try. Try the different colors, shades, styles, etc. to know what suits you. However, for the sake of this article, I will tell you how to choose your eyeliner according to your eye color.

Brown Eyes:

There are several shades of brown when it comes to the color of eyes. I am referring to the really dark brown eyes. Add a pop or color to your dark brown eyes with green or blue eyeliners, colored eyeliner is complementary to the color of your eyes, making the perfect combination.

Hazel Eyes:

For the people with hazel brown eyes, go for brown eyeliner or teal. The brown eyeliner will give your hazel eyes that soft effortless look, while the green will give your eyes a sparkle. For ladies with hazel eyes, don't be afraid to try gold eyeliner on your upper eyelid.

Green Eyes:

With green eyes, you can really experiment a lot. For example, purple eyeliner will really bring out the green in your eyes. However, you can also try a brown eyeliner, for a no makeup makeup look. Also teal, and metallic green are a great way to accentuate your green eyes.

Blue Eyes:

Since your eyes are already as bright as the sky, you want to either add a complimentary color, or add some sparkle. All shades of blue will match perfectly with your eyes of course, try some metallic blues, or even silver to give your eyes an extra shine. Don't shy away from brown colors, or even bronze, it will enhance your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter.

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