We all know the basic winged eyeliner, but let me introduce to the new version; the double winged eyeliner. It is like a winged eyeliner, but a lot more edgier, and let's face it...we all need to add some cutting edge to our looks from time to time. As visible from the name, the double winged eyeliner involves making the winged eyeliner twice, once on the upper eyelid and another time on the lower eyelid. I'll take you through the process, step by step, and then you'll know how to make the double winged eyeliner.

- Start by drawing a winged line on the upper eyelid. Drag the brush from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner of your eye, with a wing at the end.

- The wing should start from the outer corner of your eye, between the eyelashes. Draw the line outwards, with the ending of your eyebrow being your aim.

- To make the double winged eyeliner, make sure the eyeliner starts out thin from the inner corner of your eye, and finishes thick at its end.

- With the double winged eye liner, you will mimic the wing you drew on your upper eyelid on the lower lid. You will draw the winged eyeliner from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner.

- Carefully draw a winged line parallel to the winged line on your upper eyelid.

- Make sure when lining your lower lash line to stick close to the eyelashes.

- If your winged flicks are too thick, use an ear bud dipped in makeup remover, and clean between the winged lines; this will define them.

- Add contrast to your eyes by highlighting the corner of your eyes with nude eye pencil.

Tip: You can do the double winged eyeliner in different colors. For example, black and gold, or black and metallic green.