After 40, we can start to see wrinkles and fine lines. It is important for us to accept and love our skin and how it grows and changes. However, makeup application and tips change depending on our age, just like our skin does. So, today we're going to be giving you some makeup tips for your 40s and recommendations for some of the best makeup products for over 40 

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For over 40: makeup tips and products

1. Double moisturizing is key

Our skin loses a lot of moisture when we grow up. Which is why wrinkles and fine lines are more visible, and they can often affect how the makeup looks. Fine lines and wrinkles need strong moisture, so the skin can appear more plump, full and healthy. So, make sure you're hydrating your skin and that you moisturize your skin before applying makeup. This time we recommend you 'double moisturize'. Moisturize your skin before applying makeup in two steps, I personally do this sometimes, even though I am in my twenties.

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Step 1: Moisturize the skin with pure aloe vera gel, free of any additives, and leave it on giving the skin enough time to absorb it well. Avoid applying a large amount of it, so it doesn't leave a thick layer on the skin. After it's absorbed, now it's time for the next step of hydration.

makeup tips for over 40

Step 2: Choose a strong effective moisturizer rich in hyaluronic acid, so that it stores the moisture well and gives plumpness to the skin. Here's an example of a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid.

makeup tips for over 40

2. Face oil and Beauty Blenders

best makeup products for over 40

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In your 40s and 50s, try using a Beauty Blender for your base makeup application. Although using your fingers is great, it can sometimes not be ideal with fine lines and wrinkles. You can also try applying 2 drops of your favorite face oil to help further hydrate the skin, give it a nice glow and blend your foundation seamlessly into the skin.

3. A light foundation in the right shade

best makeup products for over 40

I know you think you should use a high coverage foundation, but foundation is for hiding imperfections and balancing skin tone, not hiding wrinkles. So instead of choosing that heavy one that could end up looking cakey or sitting between fine lines, making them more prominent. Choose a lightweight one that will blend into your face seamlessly and easily.

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Of course, choosing the right shade for your skin tone is essential. But remember that our skin tone changes as well. So, don't rely on what you used before and pick something that matches you current skin tone. 

4. Concealer for women over 40

best makeup products for over 40

If you struggle with dark spits, melanoma and dark circles, a good concealer will be really helpful. If you don't like heavy coverage, you can keep your foundation layer thin and light and build up more coverage with your concealer. 

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5. Creamy products are best for women over 40

Previously, we recommended cream products for teens because of their easy application, and today we're recommending them to you for the same reason. Cream products give a really beautiful natural and youthful look. Try cream highlighters and cream blushes. 

best makeup products for over 40

And when applying cream blush, start with a few dots and blend upwards to the cheekbones so it give you that lifted taut look. 

best makeup products for over 40

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6. Nude  eyeliner

best makeup products for over 40

With age, you might feel like your eyes need to be opened up more. To make them look more open and wider, try a nude eyeliner in the bottom lash line. 

7. Cream eyeshadow

best makeup products for over 40

And to brighten the eyes, try bright shimmer cream eyeshadows, instead of dark shades. They're easy to apply and are extremely flattering, make the eyes look bigger and healthier.

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8. Pencil eyeliner and mascara instead of the liquid eyeliner

best makeup products for over 40

Using a black or any dark eyeliner on the upper lash line before mascara is really flattering and can give the eyes a more open doe-eyed look. Mascara is also great for opening the eyes and defining it. We recommend using a pencil liner instead of a liquid one so you have more control and it can be easier when it comes to fine lines and wrinkles. 

9. Use a lip liner

best makeup products for over 40

It is normal for the lips to look less defined and very slightly smaller with age. That's why a lip liner is a great idea to make the lips look fuller and more defines. You can use a neutral color or another that matches the color of the lipstick. If you want to can go slightly above your natural lip line for a fuller look.

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10. Don't forget the eyebrows

In your forties and fifties, you may not have to tweeze your eyebrows as much, because they often get thinner with age. Fill in the sparse areas and define your brows so they can frame the face. Check out how to fill in your eyebrows below...

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