You've probably heard the phrase 'Shopping Experience' before and didn't think much of it. The shopping experience could mean a lot of things but when it comes to makeup, picking the right products and shades for you is a huge part of it. 

How many times have you picked out a foundation shade in the store thinking it's perfect, only to find at home that it's not what you thought it was at all? A lot. There are a few tricks you can try that ensure your makeup shopping trip ends in success and less waste of money. I have to be honest, I don't always follow this strategy myself because I get too excited around makeup, wanting to try everything. But after a few disappointments, I'm trying to be smarter about it. 

Here are few tips on how to pick the right makeup for you at stores: 

1. Foundation and concealer

Foundation is the trickiest and there are a lot of things you must do to make sure it's the perfect shade.

- Try to shop in the morning so you can go out in natural light and make sure that its actually the perfect shade.

- A lot of people test it on the face when you should actually be matching it to your neck, which can be a completely different shade from your face and this is where the face-neck color difference mistake happens. 

- Ask for a tester at the store and try it out at home and wear it on different occasions to make sure the formula, color and wearability is what you want.

- With concealer, I found over time that's better to always go for a shade lighter than what you think. Also, if you have your perfect foundation match with you, swatch them next to each other and make sure your concealer is a shade lighter, especially if it's for your undereyes. 

- Look for reviews online on the spot, when you see a foundation or concealer that catches your eye to make sure its qualities fit you. Also, make sure to find out if it oxidizes or not. When a foundation or concealer oxidizes it means it changes color to a darker shade after staying on the skin for a while. In that case make sure to go for a lighter shade. 

- Some brands have a foundation chart online, where you get to see which shade is perfect for you based on your undertones, skin type and skin problems. Too Faced has a really good one

2. Lipstick

Sometimes you pick a lipstick shade thinking it's one thing and then it turns out to be completely different. 

- Compare the warm and cool tones together. The lighting at the store could change the color  and undertones so in order to find out if it's actually cool or warm, look at the other shades next to it and you'll be able to pick up which is cooler or warmer, hence which suites you better.

- Check out swatches online. Google the brand and shade name. This isn't the most accurate but it definitely helps. You'll get to see how it looks on different people  and in different lighting. 

- Also make sure you swatch it so you feel and see the formula. Looking at the shade is not enough. Sometimes they appear matte when they're not or they turn out to have a sheen that wasn't noticeable in the bullet. 

4. Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow formulas vary and more pigment doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best eyeshadow for you. Your formula preference will depend on what look you're going for or your application skills. 

- If you're heavy handed go for a formula without an intense pigment especially with matte shadows so you can build up the color instead of having to erase mistakes. 

- Usually shadows with high shimmer are better when they have intense pigment because they're easy to just sweep on and are really flattering. 

Swatch the shadows on your hand to figure out which one is right for you:

- Some shadows will give you little to no pigment at all and you will find that those are very powdery with a lot of fall out and barely there color pay off on your hand. 

- Good matte shadows usually feel buttery and smooth when swatched. 

- Metallic/Shimmer shadows also feel very smooth and you'll find they reflect beautifully with the light, so move your hand to see how it reflects. 

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @sephora_spain