Since the beginning of my love affair with eyeshadow, it was very clear to me that warm tones really flatter me. From browns to golds, these are the shadow shades that bring out my eyes and skin. However, my love for makeup went beyond what suited me, I loved it for the beautiful art that it is. I was no longer buying the makeup that suited me but the makeup I wanted to play around with regardless of if it looked flattering or not.

Rarely did any taupes or cool toned shadows suit me. I did, however, come across this palette and decided to call it the 'taupe chameleon' because the shades suited almost every person I applied it on.

I was introduced to the brand Zoeva on my 19th birthday when I decided to spoil myself with a set of their iconic brushes. I was blown away by the quality of the brushes and till this day I cannot do a proper eyeshadow look without them. I had heard about their eyeshadow palettes, but could never find them anywhere, until I finally came across this palette at the Champs-Élysées' grand Sephora store. Instead of going for my usual warm tones I took a risk choosing this palette, the En Taupe.


Image Source: Mummy's Beauty Corner

Here's what I think. First of all, this palette is great for anyone just starting to experiment with eyeshadow. This pigment is strong but not overwhelming so the colors are forgiving and easy to blend. Second, the shades are incredibly wearable for everyday. The shimmers are chic, flattering but subtle if you give it a light application. I usually wear it to the office because I always end up with a timeless, effortless and chic look.

Even though it's cool toned, the colors really do suit me. There's also a mix here and there of a little warmth in  some shades that would help you fade out the coolness if you wanted to. If your undertones are cool however, the shades here are going to look phenomenal on you.

My favorite shades are Handmade, Wrapped in Silk and Exquisite . If I properly primed my lids and packed on two or more layers of the shadow, it lasts a really long time and is never patchy, even as it starts to fade off my oily lids. My favorite thing about it, is how easy it blends. When I'm in a hurry every morning, I don't have to worry about taking 2 hours to blend everything seamlessly, they practically blend themselves.

PS: The shades Spun Pearl and Sheer & Voiles are a mermaid's dream!