Life after 40 for a woman can get routinely. A lot of people start looking for activities that can help make lives better. During your 40s and 50s, the burdens and problems in life could increase in a different way. That's why it's important to keep your spirits up and your energy going. So, today we're talking how to be happy at 50 and after 40 so you can enjoy your life as much as you can.

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26 things to do at 40 and 50 to enjoy your life:

1. Try joining a class that teaches a dance like tango or even belly dancing.

2. Sleep early to benefit your physical and mental health.

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3. Plan trips with a partner, friend or even alone.

4. Spend some time with your friends at home or go out, once a week, and enjoy spending this time with them.

5. Try drawing, panting or any art form to express your self and emotions.

6. Go shopping for new clothes and go for interring fun pieces. 

7. Spend time with your children, grandchildren or family. 

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8. Try practicing yoga to relieve daily stress and negativity, and benefit your body and health. 

9. Volunteer in charity work to help others.

10. Accept and love yourself, how you look and who you are now.

11. Learn a new language that you can use in life or even work.

12. Go to your favorite tourist destination.

13. Try changing your hair to a cool color.

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14. Go to the gym to strengthen your body and get a kick of endorphins.

15. Try growing some roses and plants in your balcony.

16. Start baking and get creative with it.

17. Use social media get n touch with old friends.

18. If you're interested, try blogging  or shooting everyday videos of your life and sharing them with friends or posting them.

19. Read more books.

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20. If your mental health is struggling, don't ignore it. See counselor or therapist. It can really change your life. 

21. If you're in a relationship, spend more intimate time with your partner.

22. Cook for yourself.

23. Try eating more healthy food and meal prepping.

24. Socialize and get to know new people and friends.

25. Stop thinking about the past and enjoy the present.

26. Set up your own business.

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