Losing weight is a concern for women throughout their whole life, from adolescence to middle age and until they get old. And since we’ve talked about weight loss at most ages, we're continuing with you today in this series of articles with how to lose weight after 40, which is very different than other stages.

In the beginning, you should know that losing excess weight for women over 40 is not easy due to changes that occur for women at this stage, such as hormonal changes resulting from menopause that can make it difficult to lose the weight. Also, it can get harder due to the weakness of the body and the loss of a large percentage of muscle. But certainly, there are things that can help you lose weight and you don't need to follow a strict diet that prevents you from eating most  foods. All you need to do is to follow a diet that contains the necessary nutritional elements.

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Tips for losing weight after 40:

Vegetables and fruit are an essential part of your meals

You should keep in mind that eating fruit and vegetables constantly is important both within your basic meals and even snacks, because they contain lower calories and thus help you lose excess weight. Besides, they contain vitamins and minerals that help maintain the strength of your body. They’re also rich in fibers that make you feel full, so you won't feel the need to eat a lot and at the same time it will help you lose weight.

Protein helps you lose weight

It is important to know that eating a moderate amount of protein will help you lose weight because at some point after 40, your body loses a large percentage of muscles and losing fat becomes difficult. But make sure you have 20 grams of protein in a meal, for it can actually aid in weight loss because it prevents lean muscle protein breakdown and you need muscles to burn calories. But be well aware not to follow a regime or a diet that depends mainly on protein because it can have the opposite effect, especially with ladies above 40.

Breakfast is an important meal and beware of late meals

Breakfast is important and essential in anyone's diet at various ages, as it helps you lose weight healthily and naturally. All you have to do is make sure your meal contains fat-free protein, fiber and vegetable fats, which are things that can help you in keeping your body healthy and at the same time not weak from a hard diet.

In the evenings and late at night, you should avoid eating in general or eat something light. If you do this, you will notice a rapid reduction in your weight at an incredible pace. That's because foods eaten in the middle of the night can contain calories that significantly increase your weight.

Important foods in the diet of women over 40

Once women begin to enter the age of 40, a lot of changes occur in their body because of  menopause. It causes the decrease of the hormone estradiol that helps in regulating metabolism which leads to facing some difficulties when trying to lose weight. But this can be compensated by adding certain foods that contain estrogen. It’s advised to eat estrogen boosting food, like flaxseed, sesame, dried fruits, soybean...to help you offset the hormonal changes that occur after the age of 40.

Eat slowly

It is important to keep in mind when eating to slow down. This trick will help you in reducing the amount of food you eat and at the same time will help you in feeling full, as you’re certainly always looking for ways to feel full without having to eat a large amount of food.

Food and drinks to avoid for weight loss

To ensure you get rid of excess weight, you have to stop consuming certain food and drinks that can affect you negatively. Fried food must be avoided and instead placed in the oven so that they are healthier and do not increase your weight. Also try to avoid pastries and preferably stay away from fizzy drinks which contain a large number of calories that will increase your weight.

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Simple exercise at home

It’s important to exercise 2 to 3 times a week, making sure you don't overdo it, so as to not have the opposite effect on the body. It’s preferred to do simple exercises and easy moves at home for only 30 minutes. It's one of the things that will help you move your body muscles and at the same time decrease the weight. And with the next video, you can see some simple exercises that are fit for women after 40.

Yoga is an important thing in your life

Every woman faces a lot of problems and stress in her life daily due to the accumulation of responsibilities, but you must try and control it and not let it affect you negatively. Because as you age, the cortisol hormone increases, which stores fat in the body rather than burning it to reduce stress, which leads to weight gain. That's why we advise you to consider doing yoga as it can help you reduce stress.

Are you on any medications or have any disease?

There are some medications that can affect the body negatively and cause an increase in weight. For this, you should pay attention to the medications you're taking, if you're trying to lose weight, of course not without your doctor's supervision. You can do some tests and consult your doctor, maybe gaining weight is a result of a medical condition such as thyroid that most women suffer from in this age in particular.

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