Losing weight after 30 can be hard because the metabolism starts to slow down. We talked before about how to lose weight in your teens and 20s, but if you’re finding it so hard to lose weight in your 30s, this one’s for you.

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At this age, your body starts to change completely thanks to the increasing and decreasing of some hormones, which affects the fat burn rate. You can start integrating a healthier lifestyle through these 30 steps to help your body become healthier and start balancing your weight.

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30 tips for weight loss in your 30s:

1. Stay away from sugar. eating sugar. It can make you feel more hungry and increases appetite, which can lead to weight gain.

2. Eat more legumes. Having 1 meal a day that has beans, lentils, or green beans will help increase the burn rate and will keep you full for a longer period of time because they have a large percentage of protein and fiber. 


3. Have a cup of low-fat yogurt daily. A lot of doctors claim that after having yogurt everyday for 8 weeks, you can start to notice that you’ve lost a lot of weight.

4. Don't skip breakfast! Start your day with a protein-rich meal, like vegetables with a boiled egg. This will make your body feel great and won’t get hungry too quickly.

5. Cook at home. Yes it may sound traditional, but it works. Relying on fast food and take out doesn’t help when it comes to paying attention to what you’re consuming and what iis good or bad for your body.

6. Divide your meals throughout the day into five or six small meals, 3 hours between each. This will keep you satisfied and organized.

7. Having a salad is a daily essential. It will also make you feel full and provide your body with a lot of vitamins.

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8. Avoid talking or working while eating, as this could distract you from what and how much you’re eating. Be present and eat consciously and slowly.

9. Eat your meal slowly to help your body feel full. It will also help the digestive system work better.

10. Exercise daily, even if for a short period of time.

11. If you want to lose fat and slightly build muscle, try gradually using small weights.

12. Practice meditation! Yes, fortunately, meditation makes you alert, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, stress and helps increase the happiness hormone. It can also help make you feel full and satisfied.

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13. You find it hard to keep track with what you eat? Write down everything you eat throughout the day. This will make you pay attention and understand your eating habits so you can start adapting them.

14. Guilt will not help! I know that a lot of us tend to feel guilty when they don’t eat right or have a cheat meal. However, this guilt only causes harm. Accept the choice you’ve made and even enjoy it for today and try again the next day to go back to your plan.

15. Dried plum is a magic solution for weight loss! Generally dried fruit is not the best in a diet, but prunes are actually really good for you.

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16. Start your meal with a healthy soup. The more water in your body, the more full you’ll feel. 

17. Have a green juice to help burn fats daily. Like, celery juice, grapefruit, pineapple and others.


18. We all love pasta and rice is great, but try and start to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you intake. 2 spoons from any kind of carb, 3 times a week is enough.

19. I think it’s a given that soft drinks are a big no no. Half a cup is enough once a month.

20. Water, water and water... 8 glasses a day can do miracles. 

21. Diversity is required. People tend to get off track because they get bored of eating the same things over and over again. So try different things and get creative. Today there are hundreds of healthy recipes online, some of which are here. 

22. Small victories are better than bigger but quick ones. What I mean is that it is neither good nor healthy to lose too many kilos in a short period of time, you will gain them again. So it’s better to ease yourself into it and go gradually, lose one kilogram, then two, and so on.

23. They say you eat with your eyes first. So try to make your dish as beautiful and as appealing as you want it to be and keep it small. Your eye will eventually get used to it and you’ll get into the habit of being comfortable with this quantity. 


24. Take a vitamin D test to make sure you’re not deficient, for it contributes significantly to the increase in muscle mass and fat burning.

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25. Sleeping for the full 8 hours a day can really help with your burn rate and weight loss.

26. Don't eat too much meat. Instead, try to get protein from a variety of different sources, like broccoli and avocado.

27. In the beginning, if it will make your life easier and help you stay focused, avoid outings or gatherings that revolve around food, or prepare your own food beforehand.

28. It is a good idea for you to go on this journey with one of your friends, family members or partner. You will really help motivate each other.

29. Remember that patience is the key to your goal. 

30. If you do these things and you still feel like your weight isn’t changing. It is a good idea to consult a specialist and doctor, so you can make sure your health is fine and they can help you find the issue.

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