Losing weight in your 20’s has its upside and downside. The upside of trying to get in shape in your 20's is that your body is more likely to respond to small shifts and changes, but the downside is the changing of environment you go through as you graduate, get a job, maybe get married and have kids, move out, and the list can go on, can make it harder for you to stabilize your weight and ditch bad habits.

Here are some tips to help you lose weight in your 20’s

Change your diet but no fad diets

No matter how many hours you spend at the gym, you will consume calories much faster than you can possibly burn them. This is why you must follow a meal plan or just develop in your diet to give your metabolism a boost, bearing in mind that the most important thing that your diet must be healthy and provides your body with the needed nutrients. Not just a celebrity fad diet or a cleanse, as they promote short term weight loss that will mess up your metabolism later on.

Watch your snacking habits

If you start counting the number of calories you consume on snacks each day, trust me you’ll cut back on them all by yourself, so try to be more aware of your snack habits throughout the day. Don’t waste calories from the necessary meals on your snacks, try to be more responsible while eating in front of the television and with your late-night munchies. This might be the biggest reason for weight gain in your 20's.

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Eat more protein in general

There is one answer to building muscles, boosting metabolism, getting enough nutrition to fulfill your body... this answer is protein. Whether it is lean protein or plant-based protein, you have to make sure you’re having your proper protein intake per day to help you get a healthy body and lose weight effectively in your 20's.

Prepare a meal for the lunch break

Well, the quick fixes you take during your lunch break or between classes don’t work. The same goes for meal replacement bars and juice cleanses. While these options make you feel less bloated and lighter, eventually, they don’t replace a healthy meal. They also don’t satisfy your body and will probably make you even more hungry. Always know that cutting back on food won’t make you lose weight.

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Include balance, flexibility, and cardio in your workout

Balance and flexibility are the essential part of your fitness that requires work in your 20's because as you age they decrease and get weaker. They’re the foundation that helps you build muscles without injuries as you age, that’s why coaches always recommend including physical fitness and cardio alongside with weight lifting.

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Workout Intensity

Now that you’re still in your 20’s, you’re supposed to be almost always busy and full of energy, and that’s why you need to put it in good use and work out. If you have been working out for a long time now and it started to reflect less on your weight, it means one thing, that you need to intensify your workout. Here are strategies to help you do so:

- Move faster.

- Add an incline.

- Increase your load by holding weights.

- Upgrade to a heavier weight.

- Stand on an unstable surface to challenge your balance.

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Weight loss will never be this easy

We all know that the resting metabolism rate slows down as you age, so put this as a motto to encourage you to lose the excess weight. This is the best time to do so! If you believe your body stands some chances of losing weight in your 20's, it might not do so a few years from now.

Fix your sleeping pattern

Try to sleep at least 7 hours every night, as sleep deprivation immediately messes with your hunger hormones and pushes it towards junk and high-calorie food which makes it harder for you to manage your appetite. Another consequence of not getting enough sleep, is feeling weak or lazy and not being able to perform your workouts.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @chloe_t