First and foremost, we have to start off by saying that as long as you're being healthy and your happy you do not have to lose weight or follow any false standards beauty that pressure you to look a certain way. These are just teenage weight loss tips for those who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and wish to feel more fit. 

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How to lose weight as a teenager:

Love your food and appreciate the ingredients 

Eating healthy is misconceived as boring salads and bland vegetables when it is in fact the complete opposite. Over the years the internet has proven that some of the most delicious meals ever are actually incredibly healthy. There are some amazing healthy recipes online that, when you start integrating them into your diet, can you help you lose weight. 

Even if you're working with your nutritionist, make sure to include ingredients and produce you love and get creative with how you cook it. Enjoy your meals and love what you're eating and you won't feel like it's hard, it will slowly become what you're drawn to even without a weight loss plan. 

Why you should not worry about your weight!

Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast!

Don't skip any meals! Did you know that if you have a full yummy breakfast, you could be less likely to crave unhealthy food, like junk food or unhealthy snacks? Start your metabolism off with a good meal and even a breakfast smoothie and you will feel the difference if your energy, health, eating habits, and food cravings. 

A short quick 8-minute workout 

You must have 8 minutes a day. Imagine taking only 8 minutes of your time to do this quick packed workout that will definitely give results. 

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Small portions, more meals

Trying to lose weight doesn't mean you have to be miserable with an overly strict diet and cut out the things you love. It just takes moderation. You need to eat properly and take in all the minerals, proteins, and vitamins you need. There is a trick that helps you eat in moderation without feeling like you're on a diet or doing anything too strictly. That is to eat smaller portions throughout the day. So instead of 2 big unhealthy meals, have more meals throughout the day that are small in potion and try to keep them healthy. 

Stop trying to lose weight and you actually will...

Sleep is essential

I know you've heard this before but really sleep can make such a difference with your energy, which can affect how you eat, snack, and your motivation towards exercise. We know that stress and schoolwork can affect your sleeping pattern, but your health and mental wellbeing should come before anything else. 

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Do a sport or activity with friends

It shouldn't feel like a chore or something you're doing solely for the purpose of weight loss. If you actually change your perspective on how you see it and instead perceive it as something that's fun and exciting, you will look forward to it every day and it will be a perfect way to stay active. You can go running after school with a friend. You can take up a class together, so many people love kickboxing. You can go swimming, you can even do rock climbing and tennis. Whatever you enjoy the most. Staying active also helps reduce anxiety and stress, which could promote weight gain. 

Eat slowly

When you start to eat more slowly, you will give your body the time it needs to get signals that you're full. That way you don't eat over what your body needs and what you feel like. We shouldn't feel too heavy after a meal, it just should feel like you have more space for another piece. 

Minimize processed food and soft drinks 

Chips, fast food, and things with a lot of sugar in them can cause weight gain. Try to avoid them on a regular basis and switch them out for healthier alternatives that you enjoy as well. And of course, we don't need to stress how important drinking lots of water is and how much it can help you stay healthier and reduce the unhealthy snacking urge. You can even spice it up by adding lemons or fruits to give it flavor. 

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