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Single in Your 50s: How We View Love, Dating and Relationships

Fustany Team
10/13/20, 12:00 AM

We've talked about married life in the 50s and how people start to view love and relationships differently when they're older. Now, it's time to talk about being single in your 50's. We feel like not enough people talk about that and there are so many different factors to it that are interesting, from women who've been divorced to those who've never been in relationships and even the ones who don't want to be in one. 

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Before we get started it’s important to note there are no rules or facts when it comes to relationships and love. Every person is different and no two people could go through the exact same thing. These are just general perceptions that could be common due to similar age experiences.

Being single, Love, relationships and dating your 50s:

Single and satisfied 

According to Considerable, only 15% of windowed or divorced women over 50 say they want to get married again. People tend to think being single makes you unhappy but the thing is at this age a lot of women feel free and conformable with themselves, not being tied to anyone. Especially, if you've been through a lot before when it comes to love for yourself, now it can be time to rest and relax. You have more time with yourself and being alone is no longer be considered lonely. You start enjoying your own company and your routine. You have time for hobbies and your health. For some, they'd rather be single than. settle, even if they've never been in a relationship before. 

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Looking for realistic love

You're more settled and confident in who you are. Also if you've been in relationships before, you're really mature and you know what you want and don't want when it comes to love. You want someone who's going to give you a nice stable partnership. The fantasies are gone and it's mostly about realistic expectations. 

Dating is intimidating

When it comes to dating and putting yourself out there, it can be hard. You may feel intimated or doubtful that your age will affect things. But, you don't have to see it that way. Your age can be your secret weapon. It's a lot sexier than you think, you just need to flaunt it with confidence. A lot of women also feel confused and lost as too where and how to begin. How do people do this 'dating' thing? However, you don't need to add this much pressure on yourself. At the end of the day, it's just 2 people getting to know each other to see if the chemistry clicks. 

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You're tired and don't have enough patience

The older we get, the harder it is for us to accept change and re-adapt our lives to someone else's. We value our space, freedom, and lifestyle. This makes things both harder and better. Harder because you're less likely to compromise or settle for a life with someone that makes yours a bit complicated or harder. However, it's better because you know what you want and once you find someone that fits well with you, things should be a lot easier and more comfortable for both sides.

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Whether you've had sex before or not, things will be a bit different than what they were in the 20s. Sexual desire and preference discovery will be a whole new thing. It is important to re-discover your body and what you like, especially if you're going through menopause or already have been. Communicate with your partner, always, and make sure you're both patient with each other and find a way to make each other happy and satisfied. You don't have to belittle or give up your sex life. 

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