We continue to talk about how our view, perspective and experiences with love and relationships change depending on our age or which stage we are in our life. Of course every person is different and so there are always exceptions, but these are some of the most common things found among people in their 40s. There are many changes that happen to women at this particular age stage, especially when it comes to long marriages. They go through many experiences that influence their viewpoint on love and how they used to see things in their 30s and 20s.

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How we view love and relationships in our 40s:

Our perspective on emotional relationships and love changes can change in our 40s because of the nature of life and the daily events we face. Life can get pretty hectic for partners and that can affect the amount of time they actually spend together on their own. This could lead to a lot of frustrations and disappointments. Maybe because you never envisioned your life with your partner to get so hectic and distant. However, this is not necessarily the case for everyone, whether it's because the problems are different or that they actually found a routine they're happy and comfortable with. 

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The influence of teenage children on a marriage

Having a teenage kid is really difficult for most parents. That difficulty can have either a positive or a negative impact on their relationship. It can help you and your partner collaborate in trying to help and improve the issues. However it could also lead to differences in opinions and matters of approaching things.

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Your sex life in your 40s

Sex is an important part of a marriage, but there are many changes that happen to women in their 40s that affect intimacy. Menopause, vaginal dryness and weight gain occur, along with a decrease in the level of estrogen and testosterone which affect sexual desire. However, if the couple keeps up their sex life, it can keep the relationship intimate, stable, healthy and not affect any of the partners' sense of self-confidence.

Maintaing your emotional connection with your husband

At this age both partners need to make sure they're putting effort emotionally in their relationship or marriage, especially if someone's having a hard time or going through a midlife crisis. It is important to make sure that they're spending enough time together on their own. Every now and then they can take a trip together to reconnect. This is important so that love, intimacy and closeness can last or be rekindled every now and then.

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Divorce for women in their 40

At this age, divorces and separations can be common because of a lot of changes that happen to both partners. For some partners or women, they may feel like they have not yet acheived everything they wanted, when it comes to ther relationship, love life or that they need some time and space alone. Divorce is also most likely to happen after around 5 to 10 years of marriage. However, marriages that have lasted around 20 years are less likely to end. 

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