If you’re getting married soon and wondering what it is like to lose your virginity, then you came to the right place, because we’ll answer questions you had in mind, and we’ll help you make your first night with your husband as happy and comfortable as possible.

1. The truth about hymen breakage

Hymen breakage pain varies from one woman to the other. In fact, hymen, in reality, doesn't break at all, all it does is that it stretches to receive your husband's penis. And the blood some women experience after intercourse is a result of broken tissue from the hymen during sex. Some women were even born without one, so you might actually enjoy your first night without feeling pain. Don’t believe us? Then you should read more about hymens in here.

2. Bleeding doesn't happen for all women

Not all women bleed the first time they have sex, some hymens are very fragile, and they break very easily.

3. Foreplay is the best way to enjoy your first night together

Heading straight to vaginal sex is not a good idea, it’s better to do that after you’re both feeling turned on, that way natural lube will be produced which will make the intercourse easier, and less painful. You can also use an external lubricant if your vagina didn’t produce enough, which is totally normal. So, communicate this with your husband, and tell him to take things slowly.

4. Don't expect to orgasm the first time you have sex 

Depending on your relationship with your husband, and your hymen type you will orgasm. Normally women don't orgasm during their first time to have sex, it takes a few weeks to start enjoying the sexual relationship with your husband, after that, your hymen will be stretched enough and comfortable with the intercourse for you to have an orgasm.

5. Make your first night together more relaxed

Ask your husband for a massage, and offer him one too. Getting physically intimate as mentioned before is very important to make things easier for both of you.

6. Pregnancy can happen after your first time together

You can get pregnant after the first time you have sex together.