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Is Masturbation Good or Bad for Your Health?

Mariam Youssef
9/6/22, 10:30 AM

The title of this article may be shocking to some of you since this is a delicate topic that hardly gets discussed in our conservative culture. However, you should know that we’re not discussing this matter religiously. We’re mainly focusing on the scientific facts about masturbation and whether it is good or bad for you.

Now that this is clear, let’s understand more about what masturbation really is.

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Masturbation is when you’re self-stimulating your genitals in a sexual manner to the point of reaching an orgasm. This behavior is very common among men and women alike and is a normal part of exploring their bodies and growing up for both genders.

Just like anything else, masturbation has its advantages and disadvantages, so let’s explore them together.

Benefits of Masturbation for Women:

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Multiple Orgasms

When women masturbate, they’re likely to reach orgasm faster than during sex. The reason behind that is that women know exactly how they feel and what they want when they’re touching themselves. Whereas when they’re having sex, they struggle to discover their sexual preferences and communicate them.

Cramps Reliever

Women on their periods have the worst cramps. Orgasm, luckily, can increase blood flow to the genitals, making cramps less painful. It has the same effect as working out. Because women cannot have sex when they’re on their period, masturbation is the only way to have orgasms.

Pregnancy Sex Alternative

While in most cases sex is safe for pregnant women and their babies, it can be nerve-racking, especially for men. Masturbation during pregnancy is more enjoyable to women than regular sex with their partners because of the awkward positions they may be forced to do, depending on which stage of pregnancy they’re in.

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Improves Sex Life

Masturbating can help women learn more about their sexual responses and preferences. It also makes you sexually confident and helps you know your body better. With masturbation, you have the chance to learn more about what makes you go crazy and then ask your husband to click the right buttons for some steamy action in the bedroom. It will also make reaching the climax way easier.

It Doesn’t Have to End in a Climax

Some people may think that masturbation is a “quickie” that helps you orgasm faster. Experts say that rushing can make masturbation less enjoyable, especially when you focus on orgasm. It is best to explore your body by touching all parts and figuring out what excites you the most without the pressure of reaching an orgasm.

Stress Reliever

Masturbating can increase your blood flow throughout your entire body and stimulate feel-good brain chemicals, AKA endorphins. That’s why women who masturbate are in a better mood even if they don’t orgasm. Moreover, studies prove that masturbation is a stress reliever since it takes your mind off your worries while stimulating areas of the brain linked to pleasure.

Side Effects of Masturbation for Women

There are possible downsides to masturbation, especially when done incorrectly.

Mental Health

Some women may feel guilty during and after masturbation, which can prevent them from enjoying themselves and relaxing their bodies. The purpose of masturbation is pleasure and relaxation, so if you can’t let yourself enjoy the full experience, it is best not to do it at all.

It Can Affect Your Relationship

Many women think that self-pleasure can affect their relationship with their partners in a negative way. However, masturbation shouldn’t do this. Touching yourself is a way of finding out what you like best so it can improve your sexual relationship with your partner when you communicate what you discover. It is when you don’t communicate your preferences that can affect your sexual relationship.

Transmitting Diseases

This can happen when you start using sex toys while masturbating. Allowing unhygienic plastic toys to touch your sensitive parts can transmit diseases and cause infections. It is best to clean the toys thoroughly or refrain from using them.

Becoming Addicted

While masturbation is meant to relax your body and make you feel happy, doing it excessively may make you addicted and possibly affect your life in a bad way. When you’re addicted to something, the urge to do it becomes uncontrollable. You may find yourself wanting to masturbate while you’re at work, shopping, or going out with friends, which may interrupt your daily functioning and affect your relationships and responsibilities.

Sexual pleasure is an individual journey that people experience differently. What pleasures you can be different from someone else. Based on scientific facts, masturbation is a double-edged sword as it has its benefits and downsides. It helps you explore your sexual interests and feel more relaxed, yet it can affect your mental health and relationship when done wrong.

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