Whether you have a brother or a sister, it is absolutely awesome to have siblings! Older or younger, there are some things only siblings understand, from your childhood, all the way up to adulthood. So, here are 45 reasons why it is awesome having a sibling!

1. You have a best friend for life the day your sibling is born. 

2. Trips with your family are never boring, as you always have a friend with you.

3. If you have a sister, you could 'share' or even steal some things from her closet. As for brothers, their hoodies and pullovers are the best over-sized sweaters you will ever find to lounge around in, or even to style up.

4. When you fight with your parents, you can always rely on your sibling to try and back you up, or even just sit with you when you're grounded.

5. Random dance parties at home are never an odd thing. 

6. Movie nights can happen every night.

7. If you have an older sibling, you can always rely on them giving you a ride. 

8. They will support you no matter what happens.

9. When you share a room, they are forced to hear out your long stories or complaining moments. 

10. You can never stay mad at them for too long.

11. If you ever have kids, you can rely on your sibling doing a whole lot of baby sitting. 

12. Who needs a bodyguard when you have an older sibling?

13. Curfews are always extended when you're out with your older sibling. 

14. No matter what happens, you are always on the same team.

15. You have a partner in crime and if you get caught, getting grounded together is fun. 

16. If you gain weight or are dressed in a funny looking outfit, they will always tell you the truth. 

17. Having an older sibling is like having the answers to most of what life might throw at you, as they already went through most of it.

18. They will love you unconditionally and forever no matter what happens.

19. You can always count on them to make you laugh.

20. They are the most trustworthy people in the world to tell your secrets to.

21. They will always go out of their way for you, because that is what siblings do. 

22. Your sibling is the one person in the world who knows you more than anyone else. 

23. Your siblings are the most forgiving people on this planet.

24. Your kids will have the coolest aunts or uncles. 

25. If you are the older sibling, you had a cute little kid to play with growing up. 

26. They are with you through every milestone in your life, graduation, marriage, kids, etc.

27. You are never alone. 

28. You always have someone to keep you company on boring errands, or even on a shopping spree

29. No matter how old you are, you will always be the two little kids who annoy each other. It is like time never passes.

30. You understand each other and what you are going through just by a look on the face.

31. You'll always find someone to bother and make your day less boring. 

32. If they are making themselves snacks, you can persuade them to make something for you. 

33. They will take the blame for you sometimes.

34. You can always count on your sister to paint your nails.

35. They will cover you with a blanket when you fall asleep on the couch. 

36. They'll teach you things you never knew how to do. 

37. You'll always have a fun story to tell about your siblings.

38. They will spoil your kids with presents. 

39. They'll always keep you up to date with what's happening in music, new places to go to, etc.

40. It is always you and them against the world.

41. They can always make sense out of your nonsense. 

42. Seeing your picture together always manages to put a smile on your face.

43. You have inside jokes that only you understand.

44. Each of you has their own skills, which balances everything out. 

45. Even if you are only child, these qualities can be found in a cousin or a best friend, and that makes them awesome too!