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| by Dalia Hosny

10 Ways to Control Your Urge for Shopping

"Because when I shop, the world just gets better." Yes! I certainly couldn't agree more with Rebecca from 'Confessions of a Shopaholic.' As much as I believe that shopping truly cures everything, sometimes the therapy is just a little overpriced. How many times have you went home with a credit card that exceeded its limit? It's about time to make a little intervention and stop the warning letters from your bank. I might not be the best person when it comes to giving advice about shopping, yet I have tried some of these tips and they seem to be working fine. Here's how to stop shopping or, more accurately, control your shopping urge

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1. Create a list with what you actually need

Need or want? Want or need? The existential question. Before picking up any garment off of the rack from your favorite store, just take a minute to think, do you really need this? I mean what is the worst thing that could possibly happen if you don't purchase it? Unless it is extremely necessary, then don't buy it. Make a firm list of the things you need. Abide by it. Make it your shopping bible. Write it down as a note on your own cell and now you have no excuses! 

2. No emotional shopping

Another way to control your shopping spree is to avoid the mall on certain days. PMSing days, post breakup nights, or mega sale days are just an example of forbidden days to hit the mall. During the times of hormonal imbalances, stay away from the mall. Control your hormones. A new pair of shoes or a bag will not make you feel better, throw this thought away. It will only harm your bank account.

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3. Limit your budget 

Before going out for some shopping, make sure to have a certain budget and actually keep it in mind. Don't commit a shopping crime and stick to the money you have in your wallet. Trust me, I know that tragic moment when you check the price tag and you eventually have to walk away. But hey, you never know, you might end up bumping into another item that is actually nice and most importantly within your budget.

4. Reduce the time spent online

Online shopping carts and wish-lists should be your new enemy. Don't let the delusional pop-up sale messages get to you. Get off your laptop and spend some quality time with your best friends. This could pretty much restrain the damage and is much cheaper as well. Stay away, stay rich.

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5. Think big, buy less

Always remember that, it's all about quality and not quantity. Don't get tempted by the 50 percent off. Just try it for a change. If you don't need it, don't buy it. Become more conscious of what you buy and consider investing in a piece or two that are actually worth your money instead of paying double the amount in several low quality items. Quit the habit of buying things you don't severely need. Refuse, refuse, refuse.

6. Cancel your credit card

It might be a bit extreme, but you can cancel your credit card if it's difficult to stop yourself from going out to shop.

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7. Breathe slowly

It is one of the things that can help calm your nerves or need to go shopping. When you get the urge, try to distract yourself of breathe in and out slowly and be present in order to stay strong.

8. Challenge yourself

Create a challenge for yourself by quitting shopping for 3 months and trying using what you already have in different ways. This might begin to show you how to notice and make use of the stuff you already have.

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9. Give to those who need it

Try to concentrate a part of your income to donations and charity. You'll still be happy that you're helping others and important causes and at the same time, your financials would be more controlled and focused on something other than shopping.

10. Set a future financial plan

We all have dreams and hopes for the future. Like having your own business or investing in something you care about. So, if you set a financial plan for your future, it will help keep you organized and more careful with your spending. 

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