The big day has come, not big for me, but for them. I had so many doubts whether I should actually go or not. I had so many untied ends when it came to Billy, and to be honest I still had feelings for him. It's wrong, I know! The guy was getting married. I'm the one who ended things, but he's the one who forced me to end it. I hated the fact that Nathalie came into our lives again, and although both of them hurt me, deep inside I could feel she would end up hurting him again. I don't really believe that people change that easily, so what made him think that she won't walk out on him again?

Anyway, back to what I was saying, for the longest time I couldn't make up my mind whether I should go or not. If I don't, then I'll look like that bitter ex-girlfriend who still can't get over him, which is partly true, but it doesn't mean I'd like to show that to them. If I go, it'll just be too damn awkward, what would I even be doing there? Dance? Sit like all these aunties? Make fun of them? Or hope that Nathalie will trip on her dress?

As I was occupied with my thoughts, I receive a message from Amr saying: "Morning gorgeous. Let's play a little game today. All you have to do is follow my messages with clues! Easy, right? Head over to your favorite place for brunch in 30 minutes from now."

I kept on staring at my phone for a while not knowing what to do. What was he planning? I know he promised me a very special day today, but I really wonder what he has up his sleeves. I decided to get dressed and hit my favorite place for brunch where I found Youssef waiting for me.

Me: Hey! I wasn't expecting to see you hehe

Youssef: Yes, I know. It's so much better than seeing Amr!

Me: What do you guys have planned?

Youssef: Like I'm going to tell you?

Me: Why not? Ok, at least tell me why you're not at work today?

Youssef: Well, a guy needs his beauty sleep. Amr has been making me work my *** off, I deserve a break, don't I?

Me: Hahaha fair enough!

We kept on gossiping for almost an hour and as we were about to order the bill, I saw Youssef playing around with his mobile. A minute later, I got another message from Amr saying: "I know your head is playing all sorts of mind games on you, but the answer is YES, you're going to the wedding and I won't take no for an answer. Youssef is going to drop you off at your next destination."

I smiled and then it turned into a loud laugh.

Me: Seriously, you have to tell me what you guys are planning? I'm clueless!

Youssef: No, you're not getting one word out of me.

Youssef dropped me off at a boutique near by, one that I didn't even know about, but it looked so pretty and it was full of amazing evening dresses. The store owner greeted me with a big smile on her face and started showing me around. Again, I had no clue what I was doing there, but after a while she explained to me that Amr was a very close friend of hers, and he asked her to help me pick an amazing dress for the wedding. It didn't stop there, but apparently it was a gift as well. So I decided to text him: "Amr, I really appreciate all you're doing for me, but you can't buy me such an expensive dress! I'm really not okay with that..."

He replied saying: "Again, I will not take no for an answer. Trust me, the store owner owes me big time, I did tons of PR work for her pro-bono, and you can also consider it an early birthday gift!"

The surprises kept on coming and my next stop was at a hair salon we work with, where they pampered me, think massage, nails, hair and makeup. I have to admit, I loved the attention I was getting and it was a great way to keep my mind off things.

Once I was finally home, Amr texted me that he would pick me up in an hour to go to the wedding. For a second there, I was thinking of backing off and ditching the wedding, but I couldn't do that with all the things Amr did for me throughout the day. So I decided to man up, show up, and just look fabulous there.

An hour later, I receive another message from Amr saying: "Luci, I'm almost there. Now it's time to leave your phone at home. I'm serious, I'll check your purse!"

I had no idea why he didn't want me to get my phone with me, but it seemed like a good idea to get my mind off of the massive amount of emails I always get. I left it...

Since the very first second I entered into Amr's car and until we arrived to the wedding, I was showered with compliments, a fun conversation and amazing attention. Any girl would have adored the way he treated me today. We arrived a bit late to the wedding and everyone was already on the dance floor dancing. I didn't feel like dancing to be honest, it was just too weird. Amr didn't pressure me at first and went to sit with me at one of the high tables.

He disappeared for a few minutes and then came back with Youssef, Dina, Habiba and Mona. This time none of them would take no for an answer, they forced me to make my way to the dance floor and I just obeyed. Although things were a bit awkward at first, but when I started pretending that it was just a wedding of a normal friend, I was finally able to have fun. My friends kept on dancing like crazy and let's just say we looked like complete and utter idiots, but who cares, right?

Every once in a while, I would look towards Billy and Nathalie, and for some reason each time I would find her glancing at me, and giving me some pretty dirty looks. It's like she was telling me, why the hell did you come you *****, this is supposed to be my big day. Well Nathalie, he was supposed to be my best  friend and other things as well. All I did was smile back at her and sometimes I winked.

Amr didn't leave my sight for a second, dancing with me and occasionally hugging me. If anyone didn't know better, they'd assume we were a couple. A pretty couple I must add, this guy looked even more handsome that day, I couldn't take my eyes off of him!

Even Sahar was at the wedding. Remember Sahar? That ***** from work. The moment she came near us, I could see she was pretty drunk and she kept on trying to hit on Amr. What did he do? He kept on blowing her off and directed his attention back to me. I felt so special, on top of the world. I could go on and on about the amount of times Amr was super cute to me during the wedding and that only made the butterfly in my stomach flutter all over.

I wasn't bored at all and after a while I stopped looking towards Billy and Nathalie, but then something really weird happened. As the "lovely" couple was going around to greet who's left of the guests, Billy made a stop at the table I was sitting at. He stared at me for a second and then hugged me whispering something I couldn't hear.

Me: What?

Billy: Did you see it?

He hugged me so tight that I had to pull away politely. I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to steal him away from his own wedding and I'm sure Nathalie gave her friends another version of the story, where everything was my fault. I had no clue what he meant by "Did you see it?" We stared at each other for a moment, looking directly into each other's eyes. For a moment there, it felt like the world around us just stopped, everything was on hold, even if only for a few seconds. Luckily, Amr interrupted that awkward moment. I was thankful he did!

Amr: I got you your favorite food from the buffet.

Me: What? You're sooo cute.

Amr: I'm not cute, I'm awesome hahaha

Me: Yeah, that too!

We all ate some delicious food and Dina kept on pointing out how ugly Nathalie's dress is and that she had a cheap taste. I only smiled and didn't say much. Honestly, at that exact moment I couldn't care less what she was wearing. We stayed for 15 more minutes at the wedding and then Amr took me back home. As I was about to leave the car, he told me: "See, this is how a guy should treat you. That's why you deserve someone much better than Billy. It's only his loss, not yours!"

I gave him a pretty big hug while saying goodbye. I removed my makeup and slipped into my PJs and then remembered that I hadn't checked my phone for such a long time. Other than 15 email messages, I also found two text messages.

The first one I opened was Amr's: "You looked beautiful tonight and you'd make any guy super lucky to be with you!"

The butterflies came again and you couldn't wipe that shy smile off my face. I opened the second message and to my surprise it was from Billy. What the hell did he want from me?

Billy: "Luci, I'm scared like hell! I think I'm getting cold feet here."

I checked the time the message was sent and found out it's almost an hour right before the wedding. What a jerk! For some reason I also felt bad for him. I have no clue why I did.

So I decided to reply saying: "You have no idea how much fun I had today. You looked super handsome and any girl would be really lucky to have you Amr xx"

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