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Post #41: He Knows Me Best

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Time 3/4/14, 12:00 AM
Post #41: He Knows Me Best

So I decided to go out with him. I wore something really casual as it wasn't really a date, at least he said it wasn't. But let's face it, he was really trying hard. He took me to a pretty fancy restaurant to the extent that I felt a bit underdressed, but so what? I'm not really ready to start dating again, I wasn't ready yet to take another shock. At the moment, I thought men were kind of heart-breakers. Yes, I know I'm a bit exaggerating, but can you blame me?

Khaled: So what do you feel like ordering?

Me: Pasta! I can't be at an Italian restaurant and order anything else.

Khaled: Wise call, I think I'll go for pasta too. By the way, I'm really glad you agreed to go out today.

Me: Well, I had my doubts. Not because of you, but because I'm not really ready to be out and about. You know what I mean?

Khaled: Kind of. Bad breakup?

Me: You could say that.

Khaled: I have to be honest, I just came out of a pretty tough relationship too. But the secret is to try a bit harder and be ready to mingle with people, even if it's just for a friendly dinner like ours.

Me: Agree!

I couldn't help but think of how badass I was. I had two dates on Valentine's Day! I'm cool like that. But seriously, I couldn't turn down Khaled last minute just because Amr thought it was a good idea to ditch him. I didn't even get what he meant with me ditching him. Why would he want me to do that? There was only one way to find out, and that was by going on two fun casual non-dates with two guys which I personally thought were cute. Of course Amr is way cuter and I knew him much better, though he's a very mysterious guy. He's definitely not the easiest to read!

Khaled was really fun and he knew how to keep a conversation going. We talked about almost everything, from relationships to work, and apparently he shared the same love I had for ice-cream, which is hard to find these days. Half-way through my casual date, I get a text message from Amr telling me: "Once you're done let me know so I can pass by you."

So an hour later, I was done and asked Khaled to drop me home as I wasn't really ready to keep the night going. I could see he was a bit disappointed, but he totally understood where I was coming from.

Khaled: I know you're not really into dating at the moment, which is fine by me. But I had tons of fun tonight. Let's do this again?

Me: Of course! And thanks so much for today, I enjoyed your company a lot!

I went up to my room afterwards to change from heels into some comfy flats, and 10 minutes later Amr was waiting for me under my house.

Amr: Hey Luci!

Me: Hey man!

Amr: Man? Ok dude, how was your date?

Me: It wasn't really a date, but it was pretty fun.

Amr: Oh was it?

Me: Yes it was, the guy is cool.

Amr: So what do you want to do?

Me: Hmmm, you don't have anything planned?

Amr: Well, I have a few options.

Me: Like?

Amr: Dinner, but you already had that, so maybe we can go for dessert. I know you have a sweet tooth.

Me: You know me so well hehehe

We ended up at a very cute place where they do amazing and super delicious desserts.

Me: How did you even know about this place?

Amr: An ex of mine used to drag me here hehe

Me: Wow! So you're taking me to a place you don't even like?

Amr: I would have taken you out to a cooler place if you didn't take me as your second option.

Me: Honestly, you confuse the hell out of me.

Amr: And why is that?

Me: Let's just say, you're sweet and you're a great friend, and then all of a sudden you decide to tell me to ditch my date. So why is that?

Amr: Hmmm, what if I don't feel like telling you?

Me: Your loss. I'm not going to speak to you, I'm only going to eat.

Amr: Okay, okay. I can't have you not talking to me.

Me: So you're going to tell me?

Amr: Truth is I know you're still not over Billy yet, and I didn't want you to randomly go out on a date just as a rebound. It's not good for you. See how good of a friend I am?

Me: I'll try to believe that! And what happened to the date you supposedly had?

Amr: We weren't really on the same page. I was clear that I'm still taking my time to get to know her and she was pushing me to take faster steps. Honestly, I'm not ready for a relationship yet.

Me: Dude, you're mysterious. I always took you for a decent guy hehehe

Amr: I am a decent guy, it's just that I don't really have feelings for her. I didn't want to lead her on anymore.

Me: Fair enough!

Amr: And what's up with the dude thing, are you friend-zoning me just like that?

Me: You just said you're just a friend looking out for me. It's you who said that, or did I misunderstand that?

Amr: Let's get out of here?

Me: Where to?

Amr: Let's just walk on the streets.

I always liked spontaneous dates, or whatever they would call this. I remember my very first date with Billy, which was somehow very similar to this one. I had just finished a big event, took my heels off, wore flats and just went out without knowing what to expect. All of a sudden I started feeling nostalgic. For a few seconds, all I could see in front of my eyes were memories of me and Billy. What would have happened if I didn't actually go out with him last Valentine's Day? I think life would have been much easier, but I can't complain, I know I have it much better than lots of people out there. But maybe we would have still been friends, really close friends just as we were before. I missed that feeling like hell and I just found myself taking a deep breath in.

Amr: What are you thinking about?

Me: Nothing!

Amr: I know that sound. I do it whenever I was thinking about what could have been...

Me: And again, you know me well hehe. Nothing, I'm just thinking that if Billy and I never dated, we would have at least remained friends. You have no idea how much I miss him!

Amr: I kind of have an idea. But don't think about what could have been if you have done things differently. What happened is from the past and it should stay there or else you're just torturing yourself Luci.

Me: I know I know, but your wisdom is much easier said than done.

Amr: Ok, on a happier note, do you want to know some gossip?

Me: Shoot!

Amr: Two days ago, I was checking some party pictures of a friend of mine on Facebook. Guess who I found in those pictures?

Me: Youssef? He's all over the place hehe

Amr: No no, more like Nathalie! And she was pretty comfy with a guy who's not Billy. At least that's what the picture indicated.

Me: Do you still have the picture?

Amr: I'm not sure if I took a print screen or not, but when I checked back it was deleted. I guess she wanted to minimize the damages before Billy laid eyes on it.

Me: Oh wow! That girl never seizes to surprise me. She's sick!

I thought to myself for a second that Billy needs to know, but then realized he wouldn't believe me nor should I care enough to give him such information. Let him find out on his own, if it's ever meant to be.

Amr: If you're thinking of telling him, then I would have to tell you that's not such a wise idea.

Me: Stop pulling thoughts out of my head, it's starting to freak me out hehehehe

Amr: Did I ever tell you I can read people really well?

Me: Oh yeah? So what are you currently reading?

Amr: Well, besides you deciding not to tell Billy, you're also torn between going to the wedding or not.

I stared at him for a second and then he continued saying: "I'll make it easier for you!"

Me: How?

Amr: I think you should go. You're a strong woman and you need to show that to the world. Not that you owe that to anyone, but only to yourself. Now the important question is, would you be my date to Nathalie and Billy's wedding?

Me: I hate when I hear their names together!

Amr: You're missing the important point here. I asked you out. Again! Don't let a guy down twice hehe

Me: I haven't made my mind up yet on whether I should go or not. It's not as easy as you make it sound. But if I do, then it's a date!

Amr: Let me tell you, it is as easy as I make it sound. So please come! I promise you'll feel really special that night.

Me: How is that possible?

Amr: Let me work my magic, but it'll be unforgettable. That's all I can say!

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