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Post #40: Ditch Him!

Author Luci ~
Time 2/23/14, 12:00 AM
Post #40: Ditch Him!

I'm back! Did you miss me? Well, I missed writing to you guys! I didn't have a clue where to begin from, or how to recap what has been happening in my life. Let me warn you that I'll try to keep that post as "cheerful" as possible, but I might fail at it.

You know when you get the feeling that the world around you is moving, including the very close people to you but you're still standing still? Yes, that's kind of what has been happening to me. Mona, my tomboyish friend got introduced to a new guy for the purpose of an arranged marriage. I never thought she was the kind of girl who would go for something like that, but she told me why not give it a try, the guy might be nice. Moving on to Dina, she's been keeping herself busy with several 'friends with benefits' kind of relationships, to try and get over her parents' drama. Not that wise I must admit, but then again, who am I to judge? Habiba was in Dubai where her fiance Rafik wanted them to spend Valentine's Day. Which leaves Billy, the ***! His wedding is on the 25th of February and that thought is killing me. It's not that I don't know that I deserve better, but that the whole situation kind of sucks. I was totally against going, but all my friends are trying to talk me into going. To be honest, I haven't decided yet.

Now let me try and forget Billy's wedding issue for a while and focus on Valentine's Day. How did I spend it? Before I tell you about that "special" day, let me take you a few days back. I was really looking forward to spend it at least with loved ones, perhaps Dina, Habiba or maybe Amr and Youssef? Anyone who knows how to cheer me up and let me try to forget the drama in my life, but as I mentioned Dina and Habiba were pre-occupied, which left me with the option of the guys.

Me: Youssef! How are you?

Youssef: Good and you doll?

Me: I'm fine! Are you free next Friday? (V-day)

Youssef: Do you want to take me out on a date or what?

Me: Yeah, kind of! So?

Youssef: I'm invited to a fun gathering at a friend's house. You can come too if you want?

Me: Any hot guys there?

Youssef: Not really the ones you'd be interested in, if you know what I mean hehe

Me: Yeah, got it. No you go and have fun for both of us.

Okay, so seems like I only have one option left, Amr. Of course I wouldn't go and ask Amr what he's doing on Valentine's Day, I'll come off as super desperate. Maybe I'll try to hint and he's smart enough to catch on it. He came in that day late to the office and I could barely speak to him, so I thought to myself perhaps I'll try tomorrow.

I had to run a few errands for my mum the next day before hitting the office. One of these errands included going to the bank to make a few deposits to someone my mum works with. My trip to the bank usually means spending a good hour there, yet I was lucky that day. One of their handsome customer service team members greeted me with a smile and decided to help me out to speed the process. I couldn't help but notice Khaled (the bank guy), who was extremely good looking and kept on trying to make a conversation with me, but I wasn't that interested. My phone suddenly began ringing and it was Amr. I knew he was calling for something work related but something inside of was hoping that maybe he'd ask me out. I know he never gave me a direct hint that he's interested, but a girl could wish. Trust me I don't mind being single on Valentine's Day, but this is one is different. There's too much going on and all I would like is a good and fun companion, doesn't have to be anything romantically related.

Amr: Hey Luci, where are you?

Me: I'm at the bank. Remember I told you I'd be a bit late to work today?

Amr: Oh yeah, sorry bad memory, you know me.

Me: No worries. What's up?

Amr: Nothing much, I wanted to check if you can take some work load off of me for Friday, as I'm going out with this girl and there's so much that needs to be done. Do you have any plans?

Me: Oh!

Amr: I'd totally understand if you have something better to do. Of course you do!

Me: I'm not sure actually. Let's talk once I'm back to the office.

I hung up and started laughing to myself.

Me: Shit!

Khaled (the bank guy): Sorry?

Me: Nothing, I was talking to myself. So are we done?

Khaled: Not really, I just need the approval of the branch manager, might take a few minutes. Would you like anything to drink?

Me: No thanks!

Khaled: So tell me, where do you work? If I remember correctly, you once told me at a PR company.

Me: Oh did I? I don't remember to be honest.

I paused for a second and realized that I was being really rude to a guy who was trying to be nice with me.

Me: Yes, I work for a PR company. I just got a promotion recently, so things are pretty exciting over there.

Khaled: That's great!

We spoke for a while and when the transfer was finally approved, I was up on my feet and ready to go.

Khaled: Hey, I know this would come off as very weird and maybe a bit unprofessional, but do you mind if we could perhaps grab coffee any time that suits you?

Was he asking me out? To be honest, I wasn't so much into him, but a friendly conversation with a handsome guy can never hurt! He asked me for my number and though I hesitated for a while, I decided why not give it to him. He seemed like a decent guy.

Once I got back to the office, Amr tried to convince me again to take some of the work load on Friday.

Me: Ok, I'll do it! Hope you'll have fun man...

I woke up the next day and while checking my phone, I noticed a message from an unknown number saying: "Hey Luci, would you be free to do dinner on Friday? Khaled."

I replied saying: "Friday is Valentine's Day, let's push it to Saturday perhaps."

So he replied again saying: "So what? To be honest, I'm not so used to spending it on my own. It would be great to spend it with a beautiful lady such as yourself."

I kept on thinking for a good few minutes what I should do, and then decided to type without thinking: "Why not. Let's avoid the fancy places though!"

At the office, Amr came by my desk thanking me again for taking the work load, and mentioned that he was very sorry to do that to me.

Me: Well, I'll only be able to do part of it as I have a date.

Amr: You do? With who?

Me: That's a secret hehe

Amr: No seriously, who is it?

Me: I didn't care to know who you're going on a date with. So why would you?

Amr: You know I'm a curious person. Plus you know I care about you...

Me: Yeah I know we're friends and all, but I'd rather keep it to myself hehe

Amr: You know we're more than friends.

Me: Are we? I'm not really sure.

I realized I had said it in a very serious tone and tried to turn it into a joke, but I guess he picked up on it.

The next day (Friday aka Valentine's Day), I decided to hit the salon as I really wanted to get a new hair cut. I haven't cut my hair in such a long time as I love it long, but this time I NEEDED the change. I went to the salon Billy works at, partly because I wanted to show him I don't care and perhaps I could also slip the info of me going out on a date.

They greeted me there but there was no sign of Billy. Maybe he's not working today, which I guess is better for me. But a few minutes later, I saw him walking into the salon and he immediately noticed me being there.

Billy: Hey Luci!

Me: How are you?

Billy: Great and you?

Me: Good too.

Billy: I know you hate to wait, so let me ask one of the guys to speed up your hairstyle. What are you planning on doing with it?

Me: Cut it!

Billy: A few centimeters?

Me: Nope, cut it off completely. Or maybe a bit above my shoulders.

Billy: What? Why? The Luci I know used to love long hair.

Me: Well, not anymore.

I gave him a very sharp look trying to indicate that he didn't know me and that I no longer love long hair. And maybe a little bit of the "go to hell" look while I was at it.

I finally finished at the hair salon and arrived home to try and pick out a casual yet pretty dress when I received a text.

Amr: Ditch your date!

(To be continued)

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