Do you ever wonder why some people make it into your life? Are they a curse or a blessing? Do you believe that everyone you meet is for a certain reason? That everyone plays a certain role in your life, and you play one in theirs? Or is that just some overrated bullshit we hear in quotes? Well, that's what's been going through my mind the past week, ever since I heard the news about Billy and Nathalie getting married.

Everyone deals with bad news and sad feelings differently, some eat too much, others too little, some talk about it, others bottle it up. Let me tell you how I have been dealing with the news about Billy's upcoming wedding day, which hurt me even more than knowing he cheated on me in first place. It felt like another stab, but this time it was the final one. There's nothing he can possibly do more of to hurt me again. That's the end of it...

As you can see, I'm not thinking straight, thoughts in my head are going here and there. I'm trying to make sense of everything, but for some reason, nothing makes sense at all, and I really hate that feeling! My phone started ringing as I was daydreaming and I answered without even looking who was on the other side.

Me: Hello?

Youssef: Hey you! I miss you...

Me: So do I!

Youssef: Okay, can I be honest with you?

Me: Go ahead...

Youssef: Get your butt out of your bed, move it now! Are you planning to skip work and just lay there forever? Seriously **** him. He doesn't deserve you, he never did.

Me: I know, but it still doesn't make it any better. I feel betrayed and I'm down.

Youssef: I bet you do, but that's not a reason to just give up and avoid facing the world. Get out of bed now, we're going to change that today!

Me: Ok, but not today, tomorrow I promise.

Youssef: I'm not giving you an option, get out of bed now!

Dina made her way into my room half an hour later, and she was shocked I was still in bed.

Dina: Didn't Youssef tell you we're passing by?

Me: Oh, when did you meet Youssef? I was planning on ignoring his calls forever and just stay here.

Dina: No you're not! (she was literally dragging me out of bed)

Twenty minutes later, I was ready and didn't look as terrible as I thought I would, though I kind of had black circles under my eyes and my hair was messy, but who cares, they're my friends and they'll still love me. As soon as I entered the car, I realized that they all came together to cheer me up. How sweet of them, though I didn't feel like it, but I thought I'll make the extra effort because they're all really trying. Who's all? Youssef, Dina, Amr, Habiba and Mona, pretty much all the friends I have. Minus the stupid Billy, who I'm really hating at the moment.

Me: So? What do you guys have planned for me?

Dina: Your highness, snap out of your attitude. We're not here to entertain, you'll be the only one who can help yourself get out of your bad mood swings. We're just here to make sure you don't commit suicide hehehe

Me: What? Of course I won't!

Dina: Chill, I'm joking. So what do you feel like doing?

Habiba: Can we please eat? I'm starving!

We didn't have any other option than to go eat, or else we wouldn't hear the end of Habiba's whining. They stuffed me with tons of delicious food, followed with an overload of desserts and finally some ice-cream. I felt so sleepy afterwards, but they refused to take me back home just yet.

Youssef: Guys, can we go for some karaoke? Or maybe bowling? Or an arcade?

Amr: Dude, is that you speaking or your sugar rush?

Youssef: Hahaha both...

Me: How about we go back to my house and watch a movie?

Dina: Boringgg!

Amr: If that's what you want, then let's go for it.

It took some time to convince Dina, and then we all headed back to my house. The moment we entered my room, Youssef and Dina kept on playing dress up with my clothes and Mona and Habiba laughed their hearts out.

Me: Guys, does anyone want some tea?

Amr: I'll come help you out!

We made our way to the kitchen, when Amr asked me: "So, how are you feeling?"

Me: Like blahhh. I'm blank and numb. I feel like shit all the time, all I want to do is to slap the living hell out of them.

Amr: Well, then that's exactly what you need to do hehehe

We spoke for a while, and I was back to smiling from the bottom of my heart. This guy never fails to score really high with his cuteness and charm.

Amr: Okay, so tell me, what's one thing you really want to do and I'll do it for you.

A small voice in my head shouted, take your shirt off (yes I'm going wild), but then I found myself answering: "All I need is a hug."

He looked at me with a heart-warming smile saying: "You know how cute that is?"

And then he hugged me. He held me so tight, to be honest, it was the best hug I ever got. I didn't want to let go and neither did he. I could feel myself blushing, or maybe even turning tomato red. Shit, I hope he doesn't notice that! The good news was I felt an enormous amount of butterflies playing inside my stomach. Does that indicate I'm over Billy? Or just that Amr makes me feel good? Enough thinking for the night.

I woke up the next day feeling awesome, decided to stop working from home and finally hit the office. I was trying to keep my contact with anyone to a bare minimum, and that's why I stayed on my desk almost the whole day. The day almost came to an end, when Youssef made an appearance into my office.

Youssef: Hey, can you drop me off home?

Me: Sure! Let me just pack my things...

At that moment, I saw Nathalie making her way into my office. What the hell does that ***** want?

Nathalie: Hey Luci, just wanted to make sure you got our wedding invitation?

Me: Yes I did!

Nathalie: No congrats?

Me: Hmmm, well congrats!

Nathalie: I have to tell you I'm really sorry I ended up being the lucky one who'll marry Billy.

Youssef stared at me, waiting eagerly to see how I'm going to answer that.

Me: Lucky? If you think you're lucky because you got a guy, then it shows how little self confidence you have, not to mention brains. Let's assume for a second you're right, which you're not, and lucky is defined by the kind of guy you get to marry. Well princess, here's some news for you, what goes around comes around, your prince charming is a cheater, who has problems with making up his mind. He's not an honest person, and doesn't know how to treat women with the respect they deserve. Do you still consider yourself lucky? If I were in your place, I'd think twice before using the word lucky.

Nathalie just stared at me with her mouth wide open, and it was the perfect opportunity for Youssef and I to make a dramatic walk away.

Me: Let's go darling...

Youssef: Oh snap Luci, you're the man hahaha

I was expecting Billy to message me, because I was sure Nathalie would tell him exactly what I said, and knowing him, he cares a lot about what people think of him. And guess what? I was right. I got a WhatsApp message from him saying: "Is it true? I mean the things you told Nathalie about me? Is that really what you think of me?"

I replied a minute later saying, "YES!" and followed that by blocking him on WhatsApp and his number from ever calling me again.

It's true, some people come as blessings, while others are just lessons.

P.S. I'll be taking sometime off (just a couple of weeks) to deal with everything that has happened to me lately, so I'm sending you lots of love till we meet again.

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