13 Forgotten Female Erogenous Zones to Explore
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8/17/22, 12:24 PM

Many believe that the best and most important part about having sex is knowing how to enjoy it and mastering the art of foreplay. This is easier said than done when it comes to pleasing a woman in bed. That's why you'll find most men always on the look out, searching for new ways and spots that turn on their women. A woman's body has so many keys that can make her go wild, though the effect of each one varies from one woman to another. Men of the world, we know it might get confusing for you to decode your lady's body, so we're here for you with some guidance! We've listed the female erogenous zones, starting with the spots that need the most attention during foreplay, to pave the way for the most sensitive ones that will give her the ultimate orgasm. You can spend your day learning more about sex, flirting, and love through our relationships articles here.

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First - Foreplay Zones:

1. Hair

Some women get really turned on when you pass your hands through their hair and massage their scalp gently. Touching your woman this way can let go of tension and make her loosen up a little bit to be ready for sex or further foreplay, like kissing or some dirty talk.

2. Lips

All you need to do is to learn how to stimulate her lips the right way and you will reach the desired outcome for you and your partner. Kiss her passionately then go wild, experiencing some French kisses and tongue action.

3. Ears

Have you ever tried whispering in your woman's ears and expressing your love and desire for her? Try using her ear lobes as one of your foreplay zones and you'll notice the difference in no time. It's also very important to do this wisely and gently in order not to annoy her.

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4. Nook of the neck

When it comes to women, the area between their shoulders and neck is considered one of their most sensitive areas in their bodies. A warm kiss or touch from your lips while pulling back her hair gently can just do wonders! You can kick start your foreplay session by kissing your woman's neck and we're sure she won't be able to resist you.

5. Wrists

You'll be surprised to know that wrists are really sensitive parts in a woman's body. Pay some attention to the wrists next time! Kissing, touching, sniffing, and even blowing can turn her on in a blink.

6. Hands and fingers

Massaging both hands and fingers in a circular motion can free a woman's body from stress and make her ready for some sexy time. You can also initiate some action through holding your woman's hands while watching TV. 

7. Stomach

A woman's tummy is the closest area to her privates; therefore, it's one of the most sensitive body parts. Try teasing your woman by caressing her tummy from top to bottom gently. 

8. Feet

Incorporate some foreplay moves with your woman's feet. Why? Because women just love it when you do that! 

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Second - Most Sensitive Erogenous Zones:

9. Nipples

Nipples are considered one of the places that can make a woman go wild and almost everyone knows that! Just be gentle and delicate while taking care of her nipples because you don't want to hurt her.

10. Ass

The sensitivity of this area varies from one woman to another, but this surely doesn't mean that things won't get intimate if you paid some attention to her derrière. 

11. Thighs and knees 

Inner thighs and behind the knees have so many nerve endings that ignite when aroused in any way. Try to find a smart way to touch your woman gently in these areas in order to turn up the heat.

12. Clitoris and vagina

Every woman's response to the stimulation of the clitoris differs, whether you try teasing it with your hands or tongue. Make sure that you figure out first whether this turns her on or not.

As for the vagina, it surely has so many nerves that can turn on a woman during both intercourse and foreplay. Pay great attention to the G spot and trust us, you'll have a memorable steamy time. 

13. U Spot

The U spot lies around the urethra (the urinary opening), exactly above and on the sides of it. Believe it or not, touching it can be the reason behind an extremely wild night!

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