It's a myth, you don't actually miss him, you just miss being with a special someone and spending time with him. It's just because you're used to having him around. Be steady, stop sniffling and follow Fustany's very special tips on how to get over your ex boyfriend fast. If things ended up badly between you, you were probably too good for him anyway, so why are you still thinking about him? As bad as things may seem to you now, you will get over him. Sooner than you think, trust me.

1. Ditch all contact.

This may sound a little bit childish, but trust me it works! We're not telling you not to keep it civil but it's also very important that you try to minimize the amount of communication you have with him. Try to see him less. If you know for sure that he'll be hanging out with the same crowd, avoid going. Pamper yourself instead or have some quality time with your best friends. 

2. Never show that you're hurt.

Please don't sound pathetic or desperate. Facebook statuses or tweets seeking revenge, showing loneliness, or teasing ones are extremely forbidden. You might think this makes him feel bad, actually it's NOT. It only makes you look like an attention seeking loser. Keep your emotions to yourself or your best friends, if they can handle it. 

3. New people, new activities.

Engage in new activities that will make you have leisure time. This will decrease the amount of time you spend on thinking. Dancing classes, yoga classes or even language courses can be perfect options to meet new people. By that, I don't mean that you should immediately hook up with someone, absolutely not. Give your heart an appropriate break. Just flirt and have fun. 

4. Feel good, look good.

Have a haircut or get your body toned. The best revenge is just to be happy, and be actually happy not just acting like it. Make yourself feel good and get a makeover. Dye your hair or schedule a spa treatment every week. Try on some new makeup ideas or update your wardrobe with some refreshing pieces. Some life changes will make you feel happier.

5. Prevent yourself from talking about him.

Talking about him will make it even worse. It's completely okay to let it out and talk about it, but not all the time. People never stop talking and I'm quite sure that you don't want him to know that he's all what you talk about. Whenever you feel like mentioning his name, switch your thoughts to anything else.