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| by Heba Abohemed

30 Cute Hijab Outfit Ideas for Chic Eid Gatherings

Just a few days are ahead of us for Eid celebrations, so it’s about time to start thinking about Eid outfits. Yes, Eid is always a great opportunity to show off a new outfit, and even if it’s not new, you can gather up many hijab outfit ideas from pieces you already own. Actually, I bet these 30 hijab outfit ideas for Eid will inspire you, and you'll have a chic Eid look.

Don’t wonder a lot, and scroll down to take a look at these 30 hijab outfits for Eid...

Tiered dresses Trend


Big maxi tiered dresses are a huge trend this year and they're perfect for hijabs looking for a stunner of a eid outfit.  You can go for a bright color, floral or white, depending on your taste. They're also great if you're going to the beach.

Here's Are Ideas on How to Wear Shirt Dresses With Hijab

Crop top over a white shirt 


This is such a cool modern look and a hot fashion trend among hijabi bloggers in 2020. It can be easily styled with denim jeans and a turban. It's such a chic and fun look that only requires your favorite white shirt. 

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If you're looking for something chic but not constraining, a colored jumpsuit is the way to go. They're super chic, can be dressed up or down and they're very comfortable. You can also wear them with sneakers, slip-ons, flats or heels.

Layering Tricks to Turn Any Outfit Into Hijabi Chic

Pleated skirt hijab outfit


A pleated skirt is the best choice if you're looking for something really chic but subtle and simple. You can wear it with a loose chic blouse and heels. Or you can wear a really long dress-style shirt like Rahaf El Shami on the left and have the skirt peaking through at the front. 

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