13 Cooking & Food Movies For Every Foodie Out There!

Mariam Youssef
1/1/70, 12:00 AM

Sometimes, you need some inspiration to go ahead and cook your family a meal, especially when you’re exhausted or out of ideas. YouTube recipes can come in handy, but there’s even a fancier way to get inspired. Enter cooking movies. Thankfully, there are plenty of movies about chefs, cooking, restaurants, baking, and all sorts of delicacies that never fail to awaken our inner cooks. That being said, we’ll list some of the best movies that revolve around cooking and food to keep you entertained and inspired.

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You may not have imagined an animated picture about a rat that resides in Paris to be considered one of the finest food films ever made, but Ratatouille pleasantly astonished everyone with its homage to superb cuisine. The film portrays Remy, a rat fascinated with superb food, as he partners up with a bumbling kitchen assistant to prepare exquisite food at a famous Paris restaurant. Ratatouille not only highlights wonderful food, but also the passion, hard labor, and art that goes into preparing it, sending a powerful message to everyone afraid of the kitchen: cooking is for everyone.

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Chef is unparalleled in terms of lighter films on the joy of cooking. The film follows a famous chef who has become tired of the restaurant business and his lack of creative freedom in the kitchen, as he embarks on an adventure with his son in a food van, serving Cuban sandwiches and other local delicacies. The film's relaxed tone and presentation allow the meals to shine. Throughout the film, it is evident that Favreau has a genuine passion for food, particularly Cuban cuisine. Whenever you want to chill out with some entertaining people who like to cook for a bit, it's worth watching.

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Julie & Julia

If cooking isn't your thing, how about some culinary drama to kill time? Julie and Julia is a heartwarming film in which a young blogger decides to liven up her life by preparing each meal from Julia Child's renowned cookbook - all 524 of them.  With Meryl Streep playing Julia Child, this is a great film to enjoy with a sense of comedy that we could all use right now.

No Reservations

Kate Armstrong played by Catherine Zeta-Jones competes for culinary excellence until she is obliged to care for her niece following a family accident. Another talented chef Nick Palmer joins her as her kitchen assistant—until his culinary abilities threaten to take away the primary position.


Burnt, starring Bradley Cooper, will bring you into the kitchen of a prestigious restaurant fighting for three Michelin stars, led by a chef attempting to redeem himself and his profession from drug addiction.  Burnt is an excellent glimpse inside the realm of luxurious dining and professional chefs, and any Bradley Cooper fan will enjoy his role in this film.

Soul Food

Food has always had the ability to bind families together, and this is the type of culinary power seen in the film Soul Food. The plot revolves around a family drawn together by a severe medical emergency. Despite their prior disagreements, the three sisters collaborate in order to keep the long-standing family ritual of a Sunday night meal alive. The movie is worth seeing not just because it illustrates the value of food in a family, but also because it embraces family legacies and traditions.


Jenna works in an eatery in a small Southern town and is a dessert master, but her marriage to an arrogant oppressive husband makes happiness impossible for her. When she finds out she's pregnant, she makes arrangements to leave town before her pregnancy status becomes known. She does, however, begin a relationship with the town's new doctor, who is the only person who has knowledge of her secret.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Why limit yourself to one cuisine when you may indulge in two? The Hundred-Foot Journey is a success story about two cultures joined together by a shared fondness for food. Helen Mirren plays Madame Mallory, a chef who is angry when an Indian family establishes a diner only a few meters away from hers in a little village in France. It's a light and fun film that will make you want chicken tikka masala and croque madame at the same time. 

Lunch Box

The Lunchbox is a must-see for everyone who likes The Hundred-Foot Journey or who enjoys Indian cuisine. It portrays the narrative of a mistreated housewife whose messages to her spouse, which she puts in lunchboxes to be sent to him, are unintentionally delivered to a widower played by Irrfan Khan. The two begin a long-distance letter correspondence, sharing anecdotes about their lives and falling in love. The film is wonderfully romantic, telling a beautiful love story centered on some genuinely delectable-looking foods.

Big Night

This moving culinary comedy takes place in 1950s New Jersey. Primo and Secondo, brothers whose names simply mean "first" and "second" course in Italian, are battling to please the local palates with their rustic Italian cuisine. To salvage their family-owned business, the brothers resolve to go all out on one "big night" in an enormous feast that will decide whether or not the brothers' American dream will succeed. Big Night is one of the best culinary films that is certain to make you laugh out loud.


Juliette Binoche shines as the single mother who owns La Chocolaterie Maya, where the products are truly infused with enchantment. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp plays the dashing Roma who arrives to take Binoche's lady off her feet. As the camera glides past innumerable exquisite delicacies, your mouth will water. Keep a box of chocolate nearby as you watch! Don’t blame us for the extra weight you might gain after watching this.

The Menu

The Menu is a satirical film on what's wrong with the food business, exploring the restaurant sector, gourmet culture, food media, and their interrelationships. From assault and sexual harassment in the kitchen to chef idolization and rich elitism, the film delivers hard truths from start to finish.

Woman on Top

Brazilian chef Isabella Oliveira, who's frustrated by her motion sickness, relocates to San Francisco and becomes a successful culinary show host after her insecure partner cheated on her. Although the movie’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 35%, you may want to watch it and be the judge.



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