Keep Your Little Ones Entertained With These Children Art Courses

Author Mariam Youssef
Time 5/14/23, 11:27 AM
Keep Your Little Ones Entertained With These Children Art Courses

Investing in your little ones to become better versions of themselves is a great thing that they will thank you for when they’re older. Allowing your kid to participate in certain activities, such as swimming, playing football, or painting will boost their self-confidence and help establish their personality. One of the best activities you can let your kids do is join an art course, where they can unleash their artistic talents and express themselves the way they want. That said, we’ll list some amazing art courses in Egypt for your kids.

Drawing and painting

Fenun Online Drawing Course

If you prefer online courses, check out Fenun as it offers a variety of great courses for you and your child. Fenun online drawing course will teach your child the difference between shadow and light, how to draw animals and people, and how to create a complete painting.

Instagram: Fenun

Facebook: Fenun

Website: Fenun

Phone number: 01223952320

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Rizkallah Art Foundation

Never underestimate what your little one can do, especially when it comes to art. They can be very creative and surprise you with their exquisite talent. At Rizkallah Art Foundation, your kid will unleash their creativity and maybe one day they become the next Monet. The place mainly focuses on painting and drawing techniques, but you can also find music classes. No matter how old your child is, there is a place for them at Rizkallah Art Foundation.

Instagram: Rizkallah Art Foundation

Facebook: Rizkallah Art Foundation

Phone number: 01211112671 / 01271513666

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Art Square Academy

In addition to providing fashion design and interior design courses for adults, Art Square Academy offers a safe learning environment for kids to learn painting and drawing techniques. Moreover, this place offers fashion design and pattern-making courses for juniors too! Your kid can design and make their own clothes; can you imagine? You and your child can both learn something new and show off your creativity and talents together.

Instagram: Art Square Academy

Facebook: Art Square Academy

Phone number: 01210922221

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Onna Art Academy

At Onna Art Academy, your little one will not only be able to master oil painting, but they can also learn fashion designing and become the next Elie Saab! You can also join them and learn fashion design so you can bond over drawing and creating new designs.

Facebook: Onna Art Academy

Phone number: 01154044132

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Fagnoon doesn’t only offer lessons for children in painting and drawing on glass and ceramics, but it also provides lessons for making accessories, wood carving, pottery, carpet weaving, and planting. This is the ultimate place where your child can unleash their energy and creativity. Fagnoon also has a sub-brand called Noon by Fagnoon, which offers fashion design courses for juniors and seniors.

Instagram: Fagnoon

Facebook: Fagnoon

Khanet El Fenoon

From Decoupage to Macramé to designing beach bags to fashion designing, your child can find it all at Khanet El Fenoon. There are plenty of amazing courses available for you and your child that can help them discover new things about themselves and become more creative in life in general.

Instagram: Khanet El Fenoon

Facebook: Khanet El Fenoon

Phone number: 01000038789

Monet Art Studio

As the name suggests, this place will teach your child (kids and teens) different techniques of art using various materials. At Monet Art Studio, your kid can learn how to design and draw their own animated characters. They can also join clay classes and create fabulous pottery pieces.

Instagram: Monet Art Studio

Facebook: Monet Art Studio

Phone number: 01067533885

Dancing and more

Vogue Dance Center

Do you wish your little one to learn how to dance and maybe become a professional dancer? At Vogue Dance Center kids can learn ballet, Zumba, Tango, Hiphop, and a lot more. Dancing can relieve stress and boost confidence, so your child will surely have the utmost fun there.

Instagram: Vogue Dance Center

Facebook: Vogue Dance Center

Phone number: 01222319145

The Golden Theatre

If you think that your kid has what it takes to be an actor or if you believe in their talent, check out the drama classes at The Golden Theatre. You can also participate in drama classes so you can go together with your child.

Instagram: The Golden Theatre

Facebook: The Golden Theatre

Phone number: 01000666603


Art Mania

At Art Mania, your child can learn under the supervision of well-educated, talented teachers. There are a bunch of available lessons that your kid can choose from, such as classical guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, piano, oud, drums, violin, kanoon, flute, percussion, music theory, and vocals. Moreover, for jamming and rehearsals, there is a sound-proofed, fully-equipped Studio.

Instagram: Art Mania

Facebook: Art Mania

Phone number: 01285935573

Cairo Music Center

Nothing can stop your little one from becoming the next Umm Kolthoum or Abdel Halim Hafez! At Cairo Music Center, you can trust that your child will have thorough musical education and learn any musical instrument as well as singing for all ages and levels. The center also helps its candidates to buy appropriate musical instruments. Cairo Music Center is surely one of the best places, if not the best, to learn music thanks to the talented teachers and the proficient owner, Dr. Mohamed ElTobgy.

Instagram: Cairo Music Center

Facebook: Cairo Music Center

Phone number: 02 22667544

Symphony Music School

Your boy or girl will have fun while learning to play the piano, rock guitar, classic guitar, violin, drums, cello, flute, ukulele, recorder, and vocal classes and acquire international music certificates from the London College of Music. Moreover, adults and children from 5 years and above can join.

Instagram: Symphony Music School

Facebook: Symphony Music School

Phone number: 01277434710

Don’t limit your kid’s abilities to swimming and horseback riding; they can do a lot more. They need a chance to explore their artistic side, so these courses will be a great chance for them to do so. Which course are you going to sign up for?

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