10 Free Must-Have Applications to Make Your Life Easier!
Mariam Youssef
5/8/23, 9:00 AM

The only thing that can replace your morning coffee to start your day is probably your phone, right? Although too much screen time can affect your health, there’s no denying that smartphones can be extremely handy when you utilize useful apps. Scrolling down social media apps is fun and all, but the apps we’re about to mention can make your life easier and more efficient. That said, we’ll list 10 must-have apps that will make your life way more productive and happy.

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InstaPay Egypt

We all know how frustrating it is to head to our banks to transfer money or do something very simple. What if we tell you that there’s a fantastic app that facilitates transactions and allows direct access to your bank account if it’s listed in the “enabled banks?” With this app, you can send money directly from your bank account to any other bank account or Meeza prepaid card. Users of this app reported being extremely satisfied with the service.

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FinArt - Expense Tracker

If you need to keep track of your savings and stay on top of your monthly budget, Mint is the right application. This application will help you keep your finances in order, especially if you’re a spendthrift. It also allows you to connect to your credit card and bank accounts to create and view a dashboard to see the big picture. You can have weekly spending summaries, bill alerts, and late fees to keep track of your financial status.

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If you like organization and note-taking, you’ll want to download Evernote. You can create to-do lists and as many notes as you want. You can also collaborate and organize things with your coworkers. Premium and free plans are available on this app, so you can choose whatever suits you.

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Rescue Time

Did you know that there’s an app that can tell you how long it takes you to do certain tasks and the activities that waste your time? Well, Rescue Time has come to the rescue! You can specify the tasks you want to do and the app will determine how long it takes you to do them. This app is great for those who want to organize their time and increase their productivity.

My Fitness Pal

Whether you want to lose weight or watch your daily calorie intake, this application will help you. My Fitness Pal has thousands of types of food and drinks, so it’ll be easy for you to record everything you’re eating throughout the day and the app will tell you how many calories reside in every food. You’ll be surprised when you realize the number of calories that reside in your daily meals. Moreover, you can also keep up with daily exercise on the app while recording your daily amount of water.


Probably, most women already have Pinterest on their phones, but if you still don’t, let us convince you why you need it. Pinterest can become your wardrobe guide whenever you’re feeling uninspired or too overwhelmed. You can search for any type of clothing and the app will show you how you can style it and the right colors that go with it. Moreover, Pinterest isn’t only specified for fashion; it is an open gallery for anything you can imagine, including home decor, shopping tips, recipes, and more.

Instashop / Breadfast

For every woman who doesn’t have the time to go shopping or live in an area where there are no supermarkets, these applications can save the day. Instashop is where you can find many supermarkets that offer fast delivery. Breadfast offers the same service, but it has its own shop that makes bakeries and other products. You can find everything you’re looking for in these apps, including poultry, meat, cupboard necessities, toiletries, ready meals, and a lot more.


Flo is every girl’s best friend. When it’s that time of the month, you can log your period on the app and log your monthly cycle so the app can predict when your period is going to come every month. Moreover, you can log your symptoms and how you’re feeling so the app can analyze and explain what you need to feel better. This application can also predict pregnancy if you’re married and help you log your pregnancy throughout the nine months.


While Shazam may not be as practical or important as other apps, it certainly can help feed your curiosity. Doesn’t it annoy you when you listen to a really good song but have no clue who the singer is or what the name of the song is? With a single click, Shazam can identify any song it listens to within a few seconds. This app may not save the day, but it is surely a nice thing to have, especially if you appreciate music.

My Best Colors

As the name suggests, this app helps you find the best colors that suit your skin tone. The 12-color seasonal analysis will help you identify your color palette that determines which colors, shades, and hues suit your skin best. The colors that your friend wears may not be the same colors that match your skin tone, which will make twining a problem. Once you know your proper palette, your choices will ultimately be better while shopping and styling your clothes. This theory will also help you while applying makeup.

There are millions of applications available that can do something for you and help make your life easier. We’ve just listed some of the best and most practical apps that you may need daily. So, which one will you download first?

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