DIY: An Easy Guide to Make Frayed Hem Jeans

Zeinab El-Fiqi
7/19/16, 12:00 AM

Frayed hem jeans are currently the number one trend street style stars are adopting! But why spend a lot of money on trendy jeans, when you can turn your very own jeans into a trendy one? I’ll tell you how to make your own frayed hem jeans in just seven easy steps! So let’s start by choosing an old pair jeans that you used to love and stopped wearing because it got boring.

What you need to make frayed hem jeans:

- Pair of jeans

- Sharp scissors

- Seam ripper

- Chalk

- Measuring tape

Steps to make frayed hem jeans:

1. Using scissors, cut off the hem of the jeans.

2. Now take the seam ripper and open the two side seams of each leg. Rip it for about 5 cm long.

3. With a chalk, create a straight line mark for the top of the fringe.

4. Take the scissors again and start cutting fringes narrow from the bottom and wide at the top, and make sure the fringes are overall slim.

5. Wash the jeans in the washing machine and let it dry, it will come out perfectly fringed.

6. To make sure the fringes don’t crawl up and ruin the look, sew a thin hemline above the fringe top.

7. Last and most important step, iron your fringes for a neat look, and don’t forget to trim the excess edges.

Now that you know how to make frayed hem jeans, it will be easy for you to alter your favorite jeans into a trendy one!


Zeinab El-Fiqi

Since she was a little girl, Zeinab El-Fiqi enjoyed listening to music while she sat down on the floor to write short stories. She always found writing a way to express herself. Growing up, she always...

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